A Glasklart HD icon database.

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Release 5.54

Written by dreamnet on 17-11-27 21:08 on 8.200+ Hi-res icons!

A big THANK YOU...

Written by dreamnet on 16-10-12 23:14 @2Qt2beStr8 for helping me out on this website and his great icon work in the last weeks!

Release v5.00.0

Written by dreamnet on 16-09-18 15:19

Today, Glasklart v5.00.0 was submitted to the ModMyi repo. V5.0 and up adds Anemone as a dependency.

-large Glasklart icons

Written by dreamnet on 16-08-30 00:10

We have decided to use Anemone's -large method and 180x180px icons. All 120x120px @2x icons will be removed in Glasklart release v5.0. Release v4.40 will be the last with @2x icons. The website will also be updated to 180x180px icons in the next days.

Glasklart uses Anemone

Written by dreamnet on 15-10-12 07:35

Since version 4.24.0 Glasklart uses Anemone.


Written by dreamnet on 13-06-22 23:37 @ivanov007 for helping me out on this website!

Drilled up...

Written by dreamnet on 13-04-11 23:02

...the search function of the site a bit. You can now search for App Name, Bundle ID or iTunes ID. Not finished apps will be found also.

The Original icons...

Written by dreamnet on 12-11-11 00:09

...can now be zoomed to 512px or 1024px (if exists).

New User Menue

Written by dreamnet on 12-07-22 22:44

Rethought the user menu of this website.


Written by dreamnet on 12-06-01 00:46

Added ShadowBox to the site for better image handling.

Added Pagenews Box

Written by dreamnet on 12-05-27 21:49

Added this "Pagenews Box" to the website and made some layout changes on the index-page.