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Xfinity Stream

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Price: Free
Release Date: 2013-12-04
Category: Entertainment
Developer: © Comcast
Version: 5.12.2
App Size: 125 MB
Languages: English, French, Spanish
Rated: 12+

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Turn any screen into a TV with the Xfinity Stream app––included with your Xfinity service.

You never have to miss must-watch TV. Stream top networks, live sports and news, plus thousands of On Demand shows and movies on any device.

Top Features:
• Watch up to 200+ channels of live TV on the go and your entire channel line-up at home
• Schedule DVR recordings from any device
• Access thousands of shows and movies to stream On Demand
• Download your recordings and movie library to watch offline

Help & Support:
• Xfinity TV service required. Limited streaming content available to Xfinity Internet customers.
• Look up your existing Xfinity ID (email, mobile phone, or username) or reset your password:
• Learn more about 'Cal. Civ. Code §1798.135: Do Not Sell My Info' options at

What's New in Version 5.12.2
Show History
Your privacy is important. We’ve made it easier to learn about Xfinity’s privacy practices in this latest release. Visit us at
What's New in Version 5.11.2
We’ve made some improvements to the app to give you an even better streaming experience.
What's New in Version 5.11.1
Bug fixes.
What's New in Version 5.9.0
We refreshed the Purchases screen so that it now shows all your content, purchases and rentals. We’ve also updated the playback settings. Now, your content will resume automatically after an audio interruption (such as a phone call).
What's New in Version 5.8.0
We’ve enhanced VoiceOver text to boost app accessibility. Issues around rentals have also been corrected, so your shows and movies are always ready to watch when you are.
What's New in Version 5.5.0
- Parlez-vous francais? We now have French language support for our dialog messages and menus. Head to your device settings to update language preferences anytime. ​
What's New in Version 4.12.1
There's been an annoying bug crashing the playback experience for some of our users. We've found it and sent it packing. ​
What's New in Version 4.10.2
What's New

We’re working on our communication skills! With this release, we've improved our messaging to keep you up to date on app features and changes.
What's New in Version 4.9.1
-Bugfixes and tweaks to the player controls and zoom gesture.
What's New in Version 4.8.2
· There was an issue resuming playback on downloaded recordings after locking/unlocking a device. Annoying, we agree. It’s fixed so now you can pick up exactly where you left off.
· On Demand playback is running smoothly since we swept a few minor bugs from the time bar and skip forward/back controls.
What's New in Version 4.8.0
·If there’s a problem with video playback, we’ll automatically check to see if it’s available to watch On Demand instead.
·Create a big screen on your small screen. iPhone X users can use the new Zoom feature to fill the entire display.
·Using Parental Controls? Now the PIN prompt will display as soon as someone attempts to browse adult content. Plus, you can snooze the prompt for 1, 2, or 4 hours after a successful PIN entry.
·Glitch fix! Now all programs that are watched will appear marked as watched, so you can binge without backtracking.
·Improved error messaging for instances where content is unavailable.
What's New in Version 4.6.0
Autumn is in the air, and with that comes a new version of iOS. We've updated and tuned our app for iOS 11 and squashed a handful of pesky bugs along the way:

-Tired of the player controls showing up randomly during playback? We removed the ghost that was tapping the screen so your playback sessions should no longer be haunted.
-We solved the mystery of the missing cover art and logos when playing downloads offline (no thanks to those meddling kids!).
-Flickering channel logos when leaving and coming back to the grid are now a thing of the past. The grid now burns bright and steady, like a warm, glowing Jack o' Lantern.
What's New in Version 4.5.0
Dots! On the grid! If you're a cloud DVR subscriber, you can now see that a show is set to record without having to expand each cell in the Live TV listings.

- Did you set a recording on another device or your TV box and don't see it in the app? We're only refreshing the Scheduled and Recordings lists every few minutes, so waiting will do the trick -- but you can also force a refresh by pulling down on the list (just as you would in the Mail app).

- Downloads are now automatically renewed for as long as they can be when you connect to the Internet. In practice, this means downloaded purchases can stay on your device indefinitely, recordings can stay until they're deleted from your Cloud DVR, and TV Go programs can stay until they expire as long as you connect to the Internet periodically.

- Fixes for a few edge-case TV listings grid crashes, as well as some accessibility improvements around navigating the grid.
What's New in Version 4.4.0
We've made some changes to the app's navigation and how we organize content to help you find interesting things to watch, faster. Check it out by tapping the hamburger button in the top left corner.

- The two Popular rows in For You have been replaced by more timely and relevant content. You don't care that Mickey Mouse Club is popular if you're interested in the latest episode of Game of Thrones, and vice versa.

- The Live section now offers quick access to your favorite channels as well as all the channels available out of home.

- Kids, Sports, and Movies content--both live and On Demand--is highlighted in the new Browse section.

We also fixed an issue where your resume point could be lost when moving from in-home viewing to out-of-home viewing. (We automatically pivot you to eqivalent TV Go content if possible when you move off your home WiFi, and this would often result in a show restarting from the beginning rather than where you were when the network change occurred. We err on the side of going back a bit to avoid spoilers, but we shouldn't go all the way back to the beginning.)
What's New in Version 4.3.0
- We heard you loud and clear: You want a way to get back to your favorite shows quickly without having to search. Now you can, with the new Favorites section. If you have an X1 set-top box and have favorited shows there, you'll see those on your phone or tablet as well. To add favorites, visit the Info screen for any show or team and tap Add to Favorites.

- We finally managed to kill one of our top crashes -- deleting a recording from the Just Recorded row on For You -> BOOM -- as well as a few others in that same area.

- For MLB Extra Innings subscribers, if the game you want to see is blacked out, we now give you the option of checking for a local listing when you get the blackout message.
What's New in Version 4.2.1
This update brings a few bug fixes, including one to make the Channel Finder easier to navigate with VoiceOver on.
What's New in Version 4.1.0
- We're now automatically selecting the best available option to watch a channel or program: HD if available, TV Go content when you're out of home, and so on. (If you really miss the huge list of Watch Options we used to show in the program screens, you can disable this feature in Settings.)

- After a few attempts at making the All Listings grid more accessible to VoiceOver users, we've settled on diving into the details screen when VoiceOver is enabled rather than expanding the cells. Please let us know how this works for you, VoiceOver users!
What's New in Version 3.11.0
- We re-wrote our Live TV listings grid to be faster and more reliable, and at the same time we tackled some of the bigger accessibility challenges, such as navigating the channels and the time-based listings and interacting with individual program details when using VoiceOver or switch devices.

- The player controls no longer dismiss automatically when using VoiceOver or switch devices; there's now a button available to dismiss them when you're ready. This should make it possible to hear all the control options as well as lengthy program descriptions.

- Common Sense Media ratings are now displayed throughout the app to help you make more informed viewing choices.

- In certain instances, the minibar would not display the most recent resume point. This has been fixed.

- Removed a distracting animation on the Recordings screen that happened every time that screen was opened.
What's New in Version 3.9.2
- Finally got a fix for ad breaks looping and preventing you from getting to the end of your show.
- Updates to the Date Picker in the All Listings guide to make finding TV listings by date and time a bit easier.
- Fixes to make the app more resilient to missing data and multiple filters (aka fewer crashes!)
What's New in Version 3.9.1
- A fix for slow video startup on iOS 10 devices.
- A Channel Finder that's actually accessible. We want that feature to help all users find the channel they want to watch; now it can.
- Similarly, it's now possible to navigate to the channel keypad in the video player with VoiceOver.
- Fixed a crash that could occur after changing the SafeBrowse setting in Settings > Parental Controls.
What's New in Version 3.9.0
We've got a bunch of improvements for you in this release -- and one significant name change.

- A server error we weren't handling properly is causing many of you to incorrectly receive 403 errors. We're handling the error in this release, so you should be able to carry on as usual now. Sorry about that!
- The section formerly known as Guide is now Live TV.
- You can now filter Live TV listings by DVS (descriptive video) availability.
- Don't care what movies are popular, just which ones are good? Try sorting On Demand > Movies galleries by Rotten Tomatoes Critic or Audience score.
- Did you know you could delete an entire recording group (or a single recording) by swiping from right to left? Now you can *also* delete multiple recordings--all of them or just a few--by entering Edit mode inside a recording group.
- Our For You and Kids, Sports, and Movies Live TV sections have been less than accessible, and it really bugged us. We've given the carousels in these sections a complete overhaul with accessibility in mind in this release. We also fixed a few accessibility issues in our player controls and in Settings > Parental Controls.
- Tired of scrolling through hundreds of channels to find the one you want? Now you can find channels by number or by name, and either tune directly or jump to that channel in the grid to see what's on. Just tap the Find button in Live TV > All Listings.
- Wondering how long your downloads will last? We've got you covered. You can now clearly see how much viewing time you have left on your downloads, so you can prioritize which shows to watch first.
What's New in Version 3.8.1
- Team images now load properly on iPad (e.g., if you search for the Philadelphia Phillies and go to the team's entity page, you should see the Phillies logo on the baseball field background now instead of an empty field).
- Olympic team images are no longer overlaid with redundant gray text.
Note: The release notes shown here are grabbed from time to time from the iTunes servers, so maybe there's some missing versions.
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