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Jet: Shopping Made Easier

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Price: Free
Release Date: 2015-07-21
Category: Shopping
Developer: © Jet -
Version: 19.10.1
App Size: 204 MB
Language: English
Rated: 4+

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Jet makes shopping for home, fashion, beauty, and more easier than ever with free shipping on orders over $49, 2-day delivery on thousands of items, and no membership fee. If you live in the NYC area, enjoy groceries delivered same or next day to select zip codes.
From vitamins to sneakers, our Shopping List feature lets you create a list of what you need and shop it all in a single tap. 
Restocking your favorites from your previous orders is as easy as a few taps. 
We’ll keep you updated on your order’s whereabouts, so you’ll know when it ships and when it’s been delivered. 
We keep it easy — if you’re not happy with an item, just send it back within 30 days. 
From furniture and glassware to bedding and rugs, you’ll find the things you need to turn your house into a home, no matter your style. Deck out your kitchen with top-of-the-line tools and equipment from brands like KitchenAid, Nespresso, Staub, and J.A. Henckels. 

Get the latest styles in kids’, women’s, and men’s fashion, and enjoy the ease of trying on your favorite clothes and shoes from adidas, Puma, Bonobos, Modcloth, Birkenstock, Doc Martens, and more, in the comfort of your own home. 
We’ve got the names that help you look your best, including Clarisonic, BeautyBlender, NYX, essie, Rituals, Art of Shaving, Foreo, and Baxter of California, all in one place. 
Stay up to date and shop the latest names in electronics from Beats by Dr. Dre, Samsung, Bose, Nintendo, and more. 

Make sure your pantry stays stocked with your favorite ingredients, snacks, and beverages. Jet makes it easy to find the right food — and see the nutritional facts and ingredients — for your specific diet, from organic energy bars to vegan snacks and gluten-free pasta. 
Make sure you never run out of your household staples. Whether you need pet supplies, baby essentials, laundry and cleaning products, or other must-haves for your home, we’ve got you covered with the brands you love. 

If you live in New York City, you know the struggle of lugging your heavy groceries home. Skip that hassle and get them delivered with your new favorite shopping app! With Jet, your groceries are hand-picked and hand-delivered to your door, so your fresh produce stays fresh and your frozen foods stay frozen, guaranteed. Our delivery zone covers many NYC zip codes. 

With Jet, you can save money with great prices and deals across everything from fashion and electronics to home, toys, and beauty. 
We’re big fans of keeping things as simple and fast as possible, and Apple Pay is about as simple and fast as it gets. 
Through phone, email, text, or in-app chat, our friendly customer support team is here Mon - Fri 7am - 6pm MST.
Same/next day delivery is subject to availability and zip code restrictions. Fresh and frozen groceries only available in select zips in and around NYC. Cutoff times and other restrictions apply. Delivery fees may apply. If any fresh or frozen items in your order don’t meet your expectations, please contact us within 30 days for a refund. 
2-day shipping available on eligible items only. Orders must be placed by 2 pm in the time zone to which your order is being shipped. 
Returns must be initiated within 30 days of receiving items.

Do Not Sell My Personal Information
Please scroll down to the footer of our Privacy Policy below to find the "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" link.

What's New in Version 19.10.1
Show History
In this update, we made some improvements and bug fixes to give you even a smoother shopping experience.

This version contains new features to allow customers to exercise their rights under the CCPA starting 1/1/2020.

Got any feedback or cool ideas you'd like to share? Our ears are open — drop us a note at!
What's New in Version 19.4
In this update, we made some improvements and bug fixes to give you even a smoother shopping experience.

This version contains new features to allow customers to exercise their rights under the CCPA starting 1/1/2020.

Got any feedback or cool ideas you'd like to share? Our ears are open — drop us a note at!
What's New in Version 19.1
In this update, we made some improvements and bug fixes to give you an even smoother shopping experience.

Got any feedback or cool ideas you'd like to share? Our ears are open — drop us a note at!
What's New in Version 18.0
In this update, we made some improvements and bug fixes to give you an even smoother shopping experience.

Got any feedback or cool ideas you'd like to share? Our ears are open — drop us a note at!
What's New in Version 17.0
In this update, we made some improvements and bug fixes to give you an even smoother shopping experience.

Got any feedback or cool ideas you'd like to share? Our ears are open — drop us a note at!
What's New in Version 15.0
In this update, we've redesigned the way you navigate around categories and made it easier to find exactly what you're looking for. And, our app can now support video — so keep an eye out for some great new content.

As always, we've also made other small improvements and bug fixes to give you an even smoother shopping experience.

Got any feedback or cool ideas you'd like to share? Our ears are open — drop us a note at!
What's New in Version 7.2
If you're going to update an app today, let this be the one. Let us tell you why:
Every app goes through iterations, and some are bigger than others, but they are all done with a similar goal in mind: to make you, the user, have a better experience.

In this update, we've improved add-to-cart functionality and our in-app notifications to build one cohesive and enhanced experience.

And, as always, bug fixes and improvements for an even better shopping experience.
What's New in Version 4.12
Introducing Shopping Lists: Check this out under the "Reorder" tab. Whether you're itching to try that new summer recipe, need to pack for your next vacation, or just need to stock up on essentials, easily find everything you need with one tap. Convenience!

Also, bug fixes & performance improvements.
What's New in Version 4.8
• One of the larger goals for our app is to make it as easy as possible for you to reorder your household essentials. So, we added some functionality enabling you to shop your order history.
• Enhanced our search experience by bringing forward category filter options so you can drill down to the right category faster than ever.
• Is this product a best seller? Have I ordered it before? Is it a deal? Well, now you will know! We've introduced badges to better help you scan and identify those important products.
If you don't see these features in the app yet, don't fret – they are being rolled out and will be in your app soon. And if you have any feedback on how to make this experience better send us feedback within the app and we'll get back to you. We'd love to hear from you!
Until next time,
Your friends at Jet
What's New in Version 4.2
We've got another update hot off the press. Here's what we got for ya:
• Easy Reorder – We know how much you like to reorder your essentials with us, so we updated our Easy Reorder page, made it it's own tab, and sped it up. This is the first of many updates to this experience .. so stay tuned.
• Account – We redesigned the Account page and moved it to the top of the homepage. It's puuurrty.
• Bug fixes & performance improvements

These changes will be progressively rolling out throughout the week so if you don't see them yet they will appear in your app soon.
What's New in Version 4.0
We are not proud of this release...we are SUPER proud.

• Cart – Let's talk about Cart. We've had the same ol' cart for years. There were design decisions made a long time ago that simply don't make sense anymore. So we put it on a diet to slim it down, gave it a shower to make it visually cleaner, strapped on some turbo packs to make it faster, and rebuilt it to make it more stable. We're proud to introduce our brand new cart page - we know you will enjoy.
• PDP enhancements – in our last big release we introduced a brand new PDP experience. This time around we've tightened a few things up and added another gestural swipe to close.
• Bug Fixes & Improvements

These changes will be progressively rolling out throughout the week so if you don't see them yet just count to ten, spin around five times, and shake your phone aggressively and it should appear. Jokes aside, it will appear in your app soon.
What's New in Version 3.40.1
A hearty serving of bug fixes & performance improvements.
What's New in Version 3.20.1
In this update we're serving up some bug fixes and performance improvements.
What's New in Version 3.17.1
Bugs are cold-blooded, literally and figuratively. We don't like that, so we got rid of a bunch in this version.

We're cooking up something special for our next stay tuned.

See ya soon,
What's New in Version 3.14
Bug fixes and improvements
What's New in Version 3.9.1
There comes a time when every app team has to look in the mirror and ask itself some tough questions. How hard are we willing to work to make the shopping experience better than ever? What kind of pizza are we ordering for dinner? Will the company pay for it? (The answers are “extremely,” “one pepperoni and one plain,” and “we hope so.”) There’s a ton of new stuff in this update, and we think you’ll really enjoy it! Here’s what we have for you this time:

• The search experience is much smoother. It’s like a finely-tuned snack-finding machine now. (Mmm, snacks.)
• Speaking of search results: Sorting and filtering is a lot easier now, too. (Only giant bags of snacks, please.)
• Product listing pages are much nicer to look at, with bigger, brighter images and more items on your screen. (Wow, look at all those snacks!)
• The category menu is visual now, which makes it easier and more intuitive to use. You’ll find what you want and be taken to it faster than ever.
• And a few bug fixes.

By the way: This is only the first of many experience enhancements to come over the next few months, so stay tuned for more! (Oh, and please send pizza. We've got a lot of long nights ahead of us.)
What's New in Version 3.7.2
Fixed some issues around the way we route you to content in the app after you tap on Jet links
What's New in Version 3.6.1
Spring has sprung and we've done some (spring) cleaning. We've vacuumed up some bugs and sprayed the room with improvements.
What's New in Version 3.6
Just when we thought it was safe to put away our purple snuggies and go outside, the winter weather came roaring back with a vengeance, sending us scurrying for shelter at our desks. Is the universe giving us a sign that an app team’s work is never done, or is it actually just still winter? There’s no way to tell. Either way, here’s what we have for you this time:

• Fresh and frozen groceries will now be marked with a “Cold Packed” flag, which means they’ll maintain refrigerated temperatures all the way to your door.
• We also added recommendations to product pages. We carry over 20 million items and counting, but now it’s a lot easier to discover your future favorites.
What's New in Version 3.5
Going outside isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time right now, so why not stay inside, order a pizza, and update your app instead? Here’s what we have for you this time:
• Wouldn’t it be great if you could tap a search term in the nav bar? We think so too, so now you can.
• We cleaned up predictive search, so not only will you see what you’re looking for before you even finish typing, but it’ll look better, too.
• The exposed cart animation literally sparkles now. We’re so pretty! Aren’t we pretty? Tell us we’re pretty!
• And finally, assorted bugs have been squashed.
What's New in Version 3.4.5
Minor bug fixes
What's New in Version 3.4.1
We brought you some sweet features in 3.4, such as:

• Transforming the "Account" tab into "My Jet" – now the home for everything relating to your personal Jet experience. Your Order History, Account Settings, and our brand new feature, Easy Reorder, are all accessible through My Jet.
• We added Easy Reorder, so ordering your previously purchased items is officially a breeze.
• Don’t worry if you can’t check out — now we’ll save your cart so you can try again.

But we noticed some performance issues, so we made some tweaks in 3.4.1, including:
• Easy Reorder and Checkout should be a smoother experience... one might say it's smooth as butter now.
• We fixed an issue with Apple Pay and switching payment methods during checkout.
What's New in Version 3.2
Welcome to the latest edition of Things We Did To The App™! Just two updates to tell you about this time:
• Know exactly what you’re looking for? Now you can add items to your cart right from search results pages. The heart wants what it wants, and we respect that.
• We also fixed a bug that was messing with the items in your cart when you logged in and out. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Just say no to bugs.
What's New in Version 3.1.1
We're gonna keep this short and sweet: Bug fixes
What's New in Version 3.0.3
After our last release we noticed an issue for iOS 10.1 users, we wished had never seen the light of day, so we swung into action like ninjas in purple t-shirts and fixed it. (It was very athletic, trust us.)
What's New in Version 1.11
We’re fixing a few pesky bugs in this version:
* Towards the end of December, the date in people’s order history was showing as 2016 instead of 2015. This was bad because it made us wonder if we had suddenly jumped ahead to the future, when in fact we were still living in the present, which is actually now the past.
* We also corrected an issue with overlapping copy in the order history. Words are much easier to read when they’re not directly on top of other words.
* And finally, because we’re really going for that whole “app that doesn’t crash at random times” thing, we got rid of some random crashes.
What's New in Version 1.10
NEW: Big news for everyone who loves browsing on big screens: We just released our brand-new iPad app! It has all the awesome functionality of the iPhone version, including Apple Pay support, but bigger and even more beautiful. Recommended uses: Shopping in bed, shopping on the couch, or shopping in a hammock. We have hammocks on Jet, you know. Just saying.
What's New in Version 1.9
NEW: You have been asking for it….We are delighted let you know that we now support Apple Pay for easy and secure shopping on Jet.
FIXED: If you are using an iPad that is a couple of years old you may have noticed an issue entering your zip code or moving past the purple opening screen, we've fixed this so you can keep up the holiday shopping!
FIXED: We know you love the waive free returns feature, now when you waive returns we keep you focused on that item, no more annoying scrolling to the top of the page.
What's New in Version 1.7.1
FIXED: Search has been a bit funky of late, we have fixed an issue related to predictive search.
FIXED: Performance improvements, because speed is everything.
What's New in Version 1.7
NEW: Sick of typing your email and password when you get logged out? We know! Now you can opt in to enable Touch Id. When you are automatically logged out after 2 weeks, use your fingerprint to log back in.
NEW: Are you the type of person that always orders the same thing?! Look for the re-order button on our home page for quick access to your order history.
NEW: Deeplinking now available! Click on a link and you will be able to seamlessly open this in your Jet App.
FIXED: Did you try to rate our app recently and see an error when you got to the App store? If so, we are sorry, this has been fixed so please rate away!
FIXED: We've made it clearer to see which product variants are currently available and easier to select them.
What's New in Version 1.6.1
FIXED: Overlapping copy bug! We noticed an issue with copy overlapping the variant selector. Thanks for reporting this issue, please send bugs to
FIXED: On the home screen our Smart Item of the Week is updated frequently, you reported an issue with loading image and we fixed it!
What's New in Version 1.5
* Latest iOS 9 version
* Get $10 off your first order of $35 + with our promo code
* Content Indexing to help you find relevant information within your app by using Core Spotlight
What's New in Version 1.4
- Dollar discount promo code feature
- Bug fixes
What's New in Version 1.3
- Improved pricing display and clearer savings
- Zoom for a close up view of product images
- More information on Jet's free trial
- Enhanced form validation
- Various bug fixes
What's New in Version 1.2
* Push notifications - Keep up to date with the latest on Jet!
* Bug fixes
Note: The release notes shown here are grabbed from time to time from the iTunes servers, so maybe there's some missing versions.
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