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Junk Jack

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Price: $4.99
Release Date: 2013-08-29
Category: Games
Developer: © Pixbits SRL
Version: 3.2.1
App Size: 67 MB
Language: English
Seller: Pixbits SRL
Rated: 4+

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Welcome to Junk Jack! It is a 2D sandbox where you can explore, build and survive in randomly generated procedural worlds, full of monsters, hidden treasures and beautiful landscapes, now even in multiplayer with friends!

* Chosen by the AppStore as one of the #BestOf2013 crafting games in 9 countries! *

We are glad to deliver you the best Junk Jack experience ever imagined! A sequel which brings the game to a whole new level with multiplayer, multiple planets, creative mode, liquids, plenty of equipment to customize your character and much more! Plus all the features you loved from Junk Jack Retro (and, we hope, less features you hated!)

This is not a freemium game, buy it once and enjoy the full game experience!

- local multiplayer up to 4 players and online multiplayer up to 2 players
- a creative mode to unleash your creativity and build everything you can imagine
- a fully featured equip system with more than 400 different wearable items to enhance your adventures or just to make your friends envy!
- polished pixel graphics, full retina support
- combat Uber Mobs and obtain their loot by destroying rare world altars!
- a fully fledged electronics engine allows the creation of complex widgets, even complete CPUs!
- tenths of wonderful music tracks by Bright Primate
- intuitive controls: swipe to move and tap to interact with everything
- an adventure mode that will let you travel between 12 multiple planets with different and intriguing environments
- liquids to enhance or impede your explorations: avoid dangerous lava or go for a swim in a surface lake!
- infinite procedurally generated worlds to make every adventure always different
- a dynamic day/night cycle that blends with wonderful skies in parallax
- a vibrant coloured lighting engine that will make you enjoy every minute spent in Junk Jack worlds
- character customization, you can play also as a female!
- a rewarding exploration thanks to treasure chests full of cool things
- tamable dogs, cats and many other animals that will follow you around
- more than 1000 crafts to be built
- more than 2000 treasures
- more than 440 placeable items
- more than 270 different creatures and monsters
- explosives, shelves, signs, dyes and all the features you liked in Junk Jack Retro
- a complete farming system with more than 70 plants, even many alien and exotic plants
- an in game guide that will teach you how to play
- two ways of crafting to accommodate even needs of casual users

This is just the beginning, we already have many ideas for the next updates!
For every issue just contact us on our forum at

What's New in Version 3.2.1
Show History
Welcome to Junk Jack 3.2.1!
This version contains a lot of bug fixes and some quality of life enhancements that we're sure you will like! Support for newest iPhone models has been added too!

• Added haptic effects! (you can toggle them from Options->Interface)
• Chest Interface now is twice as big for better organization (on devices which fit it)
• Items are now continuously moved while inside flowing fluids
• Added iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max support for larger displays!
• Health regen from equip now triggers after 5 second without taking damage from monsters
• Implemented item sets bonuses: this features allows to give specific bonuses (and effects) when a specific set of items is equipped
• Created a set for each Uber boss equip drop, now the single equip pieces give less light value, equipping the full set gives the full light value
• Added light value to tooltips of armor pieces
• Added tooltips to some unclear potions
• Some mobs are now able to see through player invisibility
• Thorns damage on monsters is now mitigated by their defense
• Thorns related potions have been buffed
• Adjusted some thorns bonuses from equip
• Fixed critical chance of weapons which wasn’t working (all had 0% critical)
• Fixed bug which wasn’t updating collections when equipping items or pets
• Fixed bug which didn’t consume proper amount of items when using simple craft
• Fixed bug which allowed instant forge crafting
• Fixed a crash when dropping an item stack into an occupied space in some circumstances
• Fixed a rare issue which could corrupt your player save (this fix is retroactive, it could repair corrupted players too)
• Fixed quick stack from forge which didn’t properly move items
• Fixed craftbook key which was working in creative and crashing the game
• Fixed Metal Feet potion, now it properly makes you immune to spikes
• Fixed open save folder option which wasn’t working
• Fixed a random crash when browsing collections
• Fixed a crash that occurred when destroying some growing plants
• Fixed truth table device which wasn’t working as intended
• Changed Bottomless Chest UI color to match the graphics
• Fixed some weapons which had wrong animations
• Fixed some graphical glitches
• Fixed hacked item stacks larger than 999 items which could crash the game
• Added an option to show help for some items in their tooltips
• Changed double confirmation dialogs to be more secure
What's New in Version 3.2
Welcome to Junk Jack 3.2 Pet Hunt Update!

This patch adds 75 fancy rare pocket pets in all worlds which can be captured, hunt ‘em all! We’ve also added the Junk Machine, used to recycle your crafts and get new items and rare loot. Plus there are now new breedable chihuahua and hamster pets, many new features and cool items to discover, an habanero plant used to craft habanero bombs and soup, craftable concussion bombs and new rare cards used to craft pocket uber mob pets are included too. Plus many more cool things to discover and small tweaks!

Happy mining (and hunting!)

New features:

Added 75 Rare fancy pets on all planets, hunt ‘em all!
New craftable sharpening stones, use them to repair your tools!
New hamster cage
New hamster pets, capture and breed them!
Added breedable chihuahua pets!
More blocks can now be painted
Uber mob altars will now drop rare cards
Combine the cards to craft unique uber mob pets
You can also use cards as trinkets which will give you unique powers
Valentine chests have been removed from planets
Junk machine! Use it to recycle your crafts to get new materials and items!
Totem spawn chance has been increased on all planets
New habanero orange plant
New habanero soup recipe
New craftable habanero bombs!
New craftable concussion bombs!
New pocket Crosshair pet, paying homage to Junk Jack Original graphics!
Animals will now create dung, which you can use to fertilize plants
New craftable Pickaxe of the Giants!
Craftable torch in a bottle which can be placed underwater
New rare blocks can now be found on all planets
New homage pixelated stone block which pays homage to a very known sandbox game!
New CGA retro block
New Tretis block!
Added craftable vine ladders
Added rare outline armor to give Jack an unique look!
Added rare retro armor to give Jack a retro look!
New droppable baseball bat weapon
New poo head fancy equip piece
New eye head fancy equip piece
What's New in Version 3.1.6
Hello everyone! This version removes the Christmas theme from the game and adds St. Valentine chests in Terra that contain cool themed loot! We have also tweaked loot and utility chests distribution on all planets to improve game balance. Happy mining!
What's New in Version 3.1.5
Hello miners, it's Christmas once again! This update adds rare fossils on all planets which can be combined to form unique creations by assembling their pieces!

Terra is now Christmas themed with presents all over the surface which contain unique loot! Capture and breed the new reindeers, fight Christmas themed zombies and skeletons and find the new Pocket Santa pet! Last but not least Junk Jack now supports the new iPhone X screen format!

Merry Christmas by the Pixbits duo!

• Game is now optimized for iPhone X display
• Terra is now christmas themed!
• zombies and skeletons are now Christmas themed
• added presents on Terra surface which contain many cool treasures!
• new Pocket Santa pet!
• new discoverable fossils have been added on all planets!
• new breedable reindeers!
• new craftable reindeer stable!
• fixed wrong offset on some mobs
• fixed doors which weren’t blocking player in certain situations
• fixed a crash while holding on specific items in creative inventory
• fixed Pixbits Shirt and Tiny Jack which didn’t stay in inventory after quitting
• fixed minor bugs
• fixed some stability issues which could lead to random crashes while playing
• fixed some pocket pets not working correctly
What's New in Version 3.1.2
Welcome to Junk Jack 3.1.2!

This version adds preliminary multiplayer based on direct connections between devices! It works for local networks and over internet for reachable connections. It’s cross-platform between all kind and versions of devices which support the game!

We also gave the game a new coat of paint with many tweaks, new craftable items, huge monsters, weapons, ancient craftable pick-shovels, revamped graphics and lots of features and refinements to improve the game balance and polish.

Happy mining and thanks for your continued support!

• new network advertiser to find games over local networks!
• more than 40 mobs have been redrawn from scratch!
• 12 new entirely revamped and much bigger golems!
• 12 new wearable golem heads
• new unique antique shards have been added on each planet
• use the new antique shards to craft 12 new powerful pickshovels!
• new wood and stone pedestals, use them to display your precious treasures!
• new craftable glass showcase
• new craftable glass shelf
• new craftable flower supports
• new craftable golem pets
• new utility crates added on all worlds!
• added rotting pocket pig and sheep pets
• many balance tweaks to weapon damages
• many balance tweaks to mobs damage and health
• tweaked loot tables and general balance
• tweaked mobs health and general damage
• tweaked essential soul sword crafts
• tweaked uber mobs damage and mobs damages
• tweaked music and ambient sounds distribution on all planets
• improved statues graphics
• improved addons graphics
• improved gem torches graphics, they glow now!
• improved gardening plants graphics
• improved vases graphics
• improved furniture sets graphics
• modified crafts available by default
• new reagents have been added to alchemy
• fixed duplicate drops on some objects
• old chair can now be flipped
• gem blocks are now translucent!
• many craft tweaks and balances
• new item gather animation
• all tools and weapons have had their graphics improved
• all mobs have been revamped with new shading
• fixed pocket king slime not appearing. Now it has new graphics too!
• fully redrawn equip pieces with new shading
• player graphics have been improved
• fixed some crossbows and bows not correctly appearing when equipped
• new craftable rare golem smashers
• new craftable rare gorlem armor pieces!
• revamped craftable chests graphics
• tweaked some blocks graphics
• new library block
• new rain sound
• improved overall Terra biomes density and quality
• added rare palms in the desert biome
• added large bricks column in the stone biome on terra
• added craftable large stone bricks!
• sugar canes will now appear in Terra
• revamped stone merlons
• tweaked maximum allowed hostile mobs
• tweaked ground chests spawn rate
• new rare flowers added in the stone biome
• tweaked rare biomes occurrence on all planets
• increased default music volume
• fixed some minor graphical issues
What's New in Version 3.1
Welcome to Junk Jack 3.1!
This patch adds Uber Mobs, powerful monsters that can be summoned by destroying Altars in each world. Defeat them and gather unique powerful equip and weapon sets!

We have also added new treasures such as weapons, pocket pets, new essence swords and revamped trinkets! Worlds are more varied now with new rare biomes with chests and everything has also been fine tuned once again.

You will also find Totem pieces in all the planets which can be assembled to form a huge totem tower! Many other features and fixes have been added too. Remember to generate new worlds or you won’t find Altars or Totems.

• revamped swing and hit sounds
• tweaked weapon animations
• each planet will now spawn Altars: destroy them to summon powerful Uber Mobs!
• collect 12 new unique looking armor sets which are dropped from Uber Mobs!
• collect 12 new unique and powerful weapons which are dropped from Uber Mobs!
• 30 new rate pocket pets!
• totems have been added! Collect and assemble totems from all the planets
• some rare treasures became pocket pets
• some rare treasures now became fancy weapons
• new essences treasure graphics
• revamped ethereal essence trinkets with improved stats
• craft ethereal swords by forging them with precious metals and essences
• every planet surface will now have rare biomes with chests from the nearest planets!
• new rare chests have been added on all planet surfaces
• pocket pets icons are now integrated in the inventory just like encrusted weapons
• tweaked gem variety and density on all worlds
• tweaked mob spawning algorithm and max mob quantity
• slight tweaks to ore distributions
• added missing colored goo to craft equivalence
• added some crafts to default available crafts
• tweaked some mobs health values
• some loot table tweaks
• zombies and skeletons will now wear various helmets!
• added generic songs to all planets
• tweaked music vs ambient sound occurrence
• revamped campfire graphics
• improved terra surface variety with new biomes
• added trap chest to all planets
• fixed various reported graphical issues
• small graphical tweaks
• various bug fixes

Happy Uber Slaughtering!
What's New in Version 3.0.21
Ho Ho Ho, it’s Christmas time! Terra is now Christmas themed with snow, presents filled with treasures and themed mobs. Decorate your home with the new ornaments, treasures, lights and much more.

By popular request we have increased tools and weapons range starting from iron and fixed many reported bugs. Thanks for your support!

Merry Christmas by the Pixbits duo!


• Terra is now christmas themed!
• zombies and skeletons are now christmas themed
• added presents with many cool treasures!
• increased range of tools/weapons
• reduced hardness of some blocks
• fixed wrong offset on some mobs
• decreased forge build time in Simple Craft mode
• slightly increased crossbow dart damage
• fixed crashes when interacting with blocks with potions which enables you tool effects
• fixed rotation of top objects which was incorrectly reset when placing a rear block
• added missing chat sound
• fixed minor bugs
What's New in Version 3.0.1
Hello miners! This patch fixes many reported issues and crashes, making the experience better and hopefully crash-free. Thanks everyone for the support, we always appreciate constructive feedback.

Now the game is named Junk Jack, as it’s our flagship product! The old Junk Jack became Junk Jack Retro.

Have a nice day!

• In-App purchases now are saved correctly between sessions.
• Fixed a crash on opening stats after using forge/chest/etc
• Fixed wrong doors behavior
• Explosive arrows won’t explode anymore in protected worlds
• Fixed a crash involving extending a piston on top of the world
• Fixed a crash happened when attacking monsters
• Long tap on backpack now toggles item tooltips on/off
• It is now possible to attack creatures with placeable items
• Fixed trap-door issues with object placements
• Added default chest treasures to Tor chests
• Tweaked pickup “pop” sounds
• Tweaked mini item stack arrow in inventory labels
• Tree leaves can now be broken with any tool effectively
• Removed life leech from some weapons
• Polearms are now held correctly in your hand
• Fixed minor graphical issues on some blocks
What's New in Version 2.4.9
Hello everyone!
We reverted the game icon and world theme to its natural, non-Christmassy, state!

We're sorry for the lack of updates/news in the previous months but we were busy launching Junk Jack on PC/Mac platforms!

We're now trying to integrate all the enhancements we did on the PC/Mac version back to the iOS version whenever possible, stay tuned and expect major changes in the future!
What's New in Version 2.4.8
Ho Ho Ho! Welcome to Junk Jack X 2.4.8 Christmas update! This version adds a new planet called Umbra with new mobs, treasures to discover and many mobs with unique drops, a new physics engine, a new fancy equip system, completely revamped player graphics and equip pieces, a new user interface and many fixes throughout the whole game. Zombies will also throw snowballs to you in the new Christmas themed Terra!

Merry Christmas by Pixbits!


- A new spooky planet called Umbra with new mobs, weapons, equip pieces, blocks and objects has been added
- The new planet portal chests can be found in new generated Terra worlds
- A new special flying type of monster has been added, bats!
- Terra is now christmas themed, with themed objects, treasures and a new christmas zombie mob
- more than 20 new monsters
- many new placeable objects and blocks
- many weapons to discover
- many equip pieces to discover
- 4 new unique music tracks
- fancy equip system, to dress like how you want while wearing the best armor pieces!
- physics engine has been completely rewritten to be more accurate and believable
- the new flying behavior for monsters, bat is just the first one, more will come in the future!
- the User Interface has been completely redrawn
- new more modern Junk Jack logo
- streamlined block and object removal rules accordingly to their appropriate tools
- new energy bar system which opens many possibilities for the future (currently used for underwater breath reserve)
- chest interface now has the color of the opened chest
- the main player sprite has been redrawn, with new appearance and animations
- all equip pieces are new, better looking with more details
- many small things are changed, enhanced or removed to keep consistency with the ongoing desktop version of the game
- fixed broken trading system
- fixed a multiplayer craft related to client crashing after exiting from the game
- added missing objects and mobs to creative
- added some missing crafts
- many bug fixes throughout the whole game, too many to list here!

We hope you’ll enjoy this patch! We didn’t have time to add more features but we’re working hard on the cross-platform engine for the release of the game on desktop platforms and, since we want to keep the iOS version as much coherent as possible with the other upcoming version, we had to focus a lot on things “behind the scenes”!
What's New in Version 2.4.4
Welcome to Junk Jack X 2.4.4!

This version introduces a new gardening system: discover new flower types by combining their seeds and get more than 15000 unique plants! We also added a new planet called Mykon with new monsters, rare weapon drops, equip pieces, placeable objects and blocks. A new Tone Emitter device has been introduced to let you compose music directly inside the game! Last but not least we’re adding many bug fixes and tweaks which hopefully will improve your experience with Junk Jack X.

Check out the changelog below:

• the game is now optimized for 64 bit architecture
• new procedural plants: combine plants by mixing their seeds and obtain more than 15000 unique flowers!
• 3 new IAPs
• new Planet: Mykon!
• more than 35 new mobs
• more than 15 new weapons
• more than 25 new equip pieces
• many new plants with their relative fruits
• new rare pocket pets
• 10 new fishes
• new rare king slime pet craftable from monster drops
• new mushroom wood
• sloped blocks can now be rotated even upside-down
• the normal minimap is now a live view of the world (and not a static snapshot anymore)
• new craftable tone emitter blocks, make music with them!
• new truth table device
• 7 different musical instruments can be set for tone emitter blocks, including chiptune sounds!
• new spider web graphics
• new king slime mobs!
• tweaked dye colors
• tweaked ground plants spawn rate on terra
• each flower will drop its relative colored petal which can be used to craft dyes
• new craftable gem torches which make colored light
• statues are now flippable with the spanner! (more things will be flippable in the future)
• new world generator allows props to be rotated into all directions making every biome much more immersive
• fixed (hopefully) fishing as clients in multiplayer
• fixed a crash related to spawner eggs thrown by an item dispenser
• fixed a bug that didn’t allow players to tap a near addon to craft things with it
• fixed crashes occurred when tapping a camp fire
• lighting on rotated blocks is now properly calculated
• fixed a crash that occurred when a client exited from a multiplayer game
• fixed lighting issues around world map wrap
• sloped blocks now respect their placement rules
• sloped blocks have been added to creative again
• colored lights are now properly shown on zoomed minimap
• fixed a crash that occurred while opening the in-game shop
• loading a world from an obsolete game version (< 2.3) now could work properly, don’t forget to always update your game and worlds!
• fixed sky appearing black on world load
• many more fixes and tweaks!
What's New in Version 2.4.1
Junk Jack X 2.4 is here!

** Version 2.4.1 contains all the features below plus fixes to some annoying bugs including: multiplayer crash when connecting, craftbook recipes crash and many more minor fixes reported. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the troubles! **

This major patch adds a whole new component to the game: ELECTRONICS! Build complex widgets and contraptions which can interact with the world. In addition to this, the lighting engine has been rewritten and enhanced to support colored lights, which makes the game much more dynamic and fresh looking, with accordingly updated planets which are have even been revamped. The most notable changes can be seen in Terra.
Last but not least we’ve also added a whole new planet reachable from Seth, named Thetis! Explore this new aquatic world with new monsters, equip pieces, armor, fishes, weapons and new biomes with unique blocks and objects.

Have fun little inventors!


- Silicium can now be used as the main resource for electrical devices
- A FULLY FLEDGED ELECTRONICS ENGINE allows the creation of complex widgets, even complete CPUs!
- New Electrician’s Bench addon allows to craft electrical devices
- New Copper Wire and Wire Insulator items to transmit digital and analog signals
- Craftable logic gates (AND, OR, NOT, XOR, NAND, NOR, XNOR)
- Craftable latches to store values (Flip-Flop D, Flip-Flop JK)
- Craftable devices which are able to operate on analog signals (comparators, displays, …)
- Miscellaneous craftable devices to build complex contraptions (three state buffers, adc/dac converters, shift registers, …)
- Input devices to interact with circuits (levers, pressure pads, light sensors, ...)
- Output devices to interact with the world (light bulbs, colored light bulbs, doors, item dispensers, …)
- A new Spanner tool which can configure and rotate electrical devices
- The Spanner tool allows also to flip selected blocks
- Doors can be flipped horizontally
- All sloped blocks can be flipped horizontally
- All right sloped blocks have been replaced to left sloped blocks in your inventories
- NEW AQUATIC PLANET reachable from Seth: Thetis
- 3 new IAPs
- Terra biomes have been revamped and improved
- Many other work in progress tweaks are being made to other planets
- The light engine has been recoded to support COLORED LIGHTS!
- New Colored Lights which give the game a new and refreshing look
- Many light sources have been tweaked accordingly
- 25 new monsters with unique loots
- 10 new fishes to fish
- 7 new trinkets
- more than 10 new equips and sets can be found in the new planet
- 6 new alien plant types
- 6 new rare statues
- 7 new weapons can be dropped from thetis monsters
- New Craftable yellow torch
- And much more!


- All mobs have been shaded and have a less “flat” look
- Many slimes now split into smaller when killed
- New reagents have been added to the alchemy system
- All craftable goo torches now emit their relative colored light
- Deleting all world won’t force the creation of a new player anymore
- Degenerated buggy trees won’t be generated anymore during map creation
- Trees won’t grow anymore through blocks
- Many crashes have been fixed
- The whole engine is finally all written in C++11 language
Note: The release notes shown here are grabbed from time to time from the iTunes servers, so maybe there's some missing versions.
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