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Price: Free
Release Date: 2013-03-20
Category: Business
Version: 20.02.10
App Size: 161 MB
Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish
Rated: 4+

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Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

Slack brings team communication and collaboration into one place so you can get more work done, whether you belong to a large enterprise or a small business. Check off your to-do list and move your projects forward by bringing the right people, conversations, tools, and information you need together. Slack is available on any device, so you can find and access your team and your work, whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

Use Slack to:
• Communicate with your team and organize your conversations by topics, projects, or anything else that matters to your work
• Message or call any person or group within your team
• Share and edit documents and collaborate with the right people all in Slack
• Integrate into your workflow, the tools and services you already use including Google Drive, Salesforce, Dropbox, Asana, Twitter, Zendesk, and more
• Easily search a central knowledge base that automatically indexes and archives your team’s past conversations and files
• Customize your notifications so you stay focused on what matters

Scientifically proven (or at least rumored) to make your working life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive. We hope you’ll give Slack a try.

Having trouble? Please reach out to

What's New in Version 20.02.10
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Bug Fixes
• Fixed: While on a call, people using bluetooth sometimes heard a loud noise not generated by the other people on their call. This was not a ghost, it was a bug (and is now fixed).
• Fixed: the /msg and /dm commands were not acting as they should, now work as expected. For those who didn’t know they existed or worked in the first place, they do, and weren’t, but now are.
• Fixed: When uploading an image or file from your camera roll to a channel, multiple channels appeared to be selected. Then you couldn’t deselect them. These shenanigans have been shut-down, and sharing works as it should.
What's New in Version 19.11.20
What’s New
• The size of text is now controlled in the Accessibility settings of your iOS device rather than inside Slack. We used to have a separate preference for it inside the app, but it makes a lot more sense that you would want to have the same size text whatever you’re reading.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed: Attempting to reorder your workspaces would occasionally result in them ending up in a completely different order than the one you put them in. The order in which you put them? Either way, they no longer belie your reasonable commands, and will fall into line as requested, no longer out of order.
What's New in Version 19.09.10
Bug Fixes
• Fixed: Replying to a notification works much more often than it used to. 99% of the time, in fact, which is so close to 100% we can almost smell it.
• Fixed: Swiping between channels with two fingers now will now include the “Threads”view, but only, smartly, if you’ve used that view recently.
• Fixed: Custom emoji weren’t always rendering correctly in bots and attachments sent via the Slack API. Now? Emoji = :100:.
What's New in Version 19.07.10
What’s New
• The first message in a channel or direct message now includes a date header, so you can tell what day it is. Or was, depending.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed: Where sharing a file from Slack to another app did not, on occasion, work; it now works.
• Fixed: …And sometimes, when sharing a file did work, it would change the file name from words to a series of numbers. Great for robots; terrible for humans.
• Fixed: Messages that included the same custom emoji more than once, with no space between them were only displaying that emoji once. So :emoji::emoji: was only appearing as :emoji:. You now receive all the emoji you desire, and no less than you deserve.
What's New in Version 19.05.21
Bug Fixes
• We’ve tinkered with the internal workings and polished some rough edges. The app is now better than it was.
What's New in Version 3.61
Bug Fixes
• Fixed: Scrolling through the Activity feed could feel quite jumpy, getting worse the further down you scrolled. We tweaked some things and made scrolling smoother; no longer will we persecute you for being popular.
What's New in Version 3.49
What’s New
• Threads support files — and files support threads. Images and files can now be uploaded directly to threads — you can do it by adding files as you normally would. When you comment on a file, it now appears as a thread reply. And, just like message threads, your file reply stays nested in a thread attached to the file. Finally.
What's New in Version 3.45.1
What’s New
• If you're having trouble with notifications, a new tool (found under Settings -> Notifications -> Troubleshoot Notifications) can help diagnose problems. In fact, opening the tool alone can occasionally fix problems. Which seems like wizardry, but is, in fact, technology.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed: Sometimes, opening a notification from a thread would cause older messages in the thread to vanish (paf!) and only the most recent message to appear (ta-da!). A kind of magic, but not a good kind. So we fixed it.
• Fixed: Usually-clickable links inside tweets became unclickable when certain apps were set as preferred ones for Twitter links. Now, they're clickable once more.
What's New in Version 3.40
What’s New
• It's now easier to change the name of file uploads, due to a darling little X button that will clear the field so you can rename it.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed: When sharing something from Slack to another app via the “Open In...” Button, we'll now preserve the original file name.
What's New in Version 3.37
Bug Fixes
• Fixed: Uploading a large video or image file would fail silently. Now it generally succeeds, and if it doesn’t, has the decency to let you know.
• Fixed: When sharing multiple photos from the Photos app, one or more would silently slip away into the void. We’ve plugged that hole, and they should all now upload as intended.
• Fixed: The buttons for some bots and apps that had stopped working now work once more.
What's New in Version 3.35
In order to keep supporting the growing capabilities of newer operating systems, this will be the last version of Slack that supports iOS 9, and hence, the last update for the iPhone 4S and several other classic devices.

Bug Fixes
• For the newer older devices (from the ones mentioned above onward), the performance of the Quick Switcher has been much improved.
• Fixed: Sharing from certain apps to Slack had the unfortunate side effect - or rather, effect - of causing the app to crash. This effect, which was more of a defect, should no longer affect you.
• Fixed: Signing out of an account with many teams took a long time. Now it takes less.
• Fixed: A layout problem that happened when opening a push notification from a thread (which sent the checkbox to “Send to main conversation” scuttling to the wrong part of the screen), has been fixed, and everything returned to its rightful place.
What's New in Version 3.31
• Fixed: When updating your profile picture, the “done” button couldn’t be tapped. This may have made it seem like your new picture wasn’t saved which is fair. It really was saved, and now the “done” button is properly tappable.
• Fixed: With VoiceOver enabled, some users were unable to load previous channel history. The pathway to a more complete aural history is now reestablished (it loads, basically).
• Also fixed: VO users couldn’t swipe the message input buttons (like `/` and `@`) when the keyboard was raised. Instead, they had to tap. We’re sorry for the accidental game of whack-a-mole — you can now swipe to your heart’s content.
• Fixed: A crash loop was occurring for some users. Turns out, it was an emoji based problem. Our feelings about this, best conveyed in emoji form, will not render here, which is probably for the best. It’s now fixed.

Want to see *your* favorite bug featured in this list? We would too. Send along any feedback to, and we’ll see what we can do.
What's New in Version 3.29
• Oh happy day: A tricksy bug was finally squished, and audio files now work over bluetooth. Because it is 2017 after all.
• Fixed: Copy and pasting text in the message input now, thankfully, works on devices running iOS 11. Apologies for any frustration caused.
• Fixed: You can, once again, switch workspaces on your watch, as long as it is the right kind of Watch.
• Fixed: The 24-hour-clock preference had been resetting itself after app updates, and regressing to AM/PM mode even though you’d clearly made your position clear. We fixed it, so now you’ll always know (precisely) what time it is.

Want to see *your* favorite bug featured in this list? We would too. Send along any feedback to, and we’ll see what we can do.
What's New in Version 3.27
- Fixed: Bot avatars were sometimes not appearing. This was not a menacing indication of a stealth AI uprising, it was a bug. They will now once again show themselves.
- Fixed: In a complex series of events, if you took a screenshot, and you had no previous photos in your photo library, the app would sometimes crash.
- Fixed: VoiceOver users in threads can now use the scrub gesture to exit back into the channel. So there were no scrubs, but having received some love from us, there now are.
- Fixed: Private channels were missing from the channel list in some users accounts. Apologies for this. They’re meant to be private, but not that private.

Want to see *your* favorite bug featured in this list? We would too. Send along any feedback to, and we’ll see what we can do.
What's New in Version 3.22
- Set all your notifications to suit the way you work. In our new and improved Notification Center (which you can find in Settings > Notifications) you can control your every push notification, channel by channel.
- The option to hide text previews in your push notifications is also now available, because your lock screen is your castle.
- If you're feeling fancy, you can now quickly snooze notifications using the 3D Touch menu from the app icon.
- Upload compressed files when on cell data, or always upload them full size. Up to you (but if you want to, you'll find the option in Settings > Advanced).
- Fixed: Pleasingly, file previews for text files now correctly show the latest text after the file is updated.
- Fixed: The share extension would sometimes crash when trying to share a link to Slack, which was effective for sharing a feeling of frustration among people who encountered it, but not for much else. So we stopped it from doing that.

Want to see *your* favorite bug featured in this list? We would too. Send along any feedback to, and we’ll see what we can do.
What's New in Version 3.19
- Performance improvements for speedier loading times.
- Fixed: Jumping to a message from your Starred Items view now, as one might expect, takes you to that message.
- Fixed: When trying to share a file to a private channel, a crash sometimes occurred, and the file was not shared. This was certainly private, but not terribly helpful. Sorry. It’s fixed now.

Want to see *your* favorite bug featured in this list? We would too. Send along any feedback to, and we’ll see what we can do.
What's New in Version 3.17
- We redesigned the date separators. They continue to serve the same function (of date separation), but so much more attractively than before.
- Performance improvements to quicken the process of loading, with more on the way, so it’s faster than it was, but not as fast as it will be one day.
- Fixed: Several pesky VoiceOver issues including:
- The entirely necessary ability to add and remove reactions to messages.
- Usefully, the correct name is now read out when switching teams via the Quick Switcher (jump to…).
- When adding a comment just once, the “add a comment” label was read out twice, which was twice as many times as necessary, so we’ve pruned it by a full 50%.
- Pinned message content can now be read.

Want to see *your* favorite bug featured in this list? We would too. Send along any feedback to, and we’ll see what we can do.
What's New in Version 3.16.2
- Added: A small but winsome tweak for the better reporting of crashes.
What's New in Version 3.15.2
- Fixed: When attempting to launch, the app would get stuck in a crash loop for some users. Which was rubbish. Sorry. But another useful reminder to us all that whatever work you do in Slack, being able to launch it is pretty key to getting it done.
What's New in Version 3.12.1
- Fixed: During opening, the app would sometimes, infuriatingly, appear permanently stuck on the loading screen. Once more, loading means loading, rather than ‘not’.

Want to see *your* favorite bug featured in this list? We would too. Send along any feedback to, and we’ll see what we can do.
What's New in Version 3.10
- Hey presto, the mentions tab in the right hand menu is now an Activity pane, showing both mentions and reactions (or “reacji”, a term which we are still doggedly trying to make happen).
- When sharing files with people, the inline file styling is new and improved to make the experience of sharing files almost as magnificent as the files themselves.
- New keyboard shortcuts: External keyboard users can use “cmd + shift + s” to view Starred Items and “cmd + shift + m” to view Activity.
- Added: Support for a couple of top secret upcoming features we cannot mention by name.
- Fixed: Channels were sometimes not marked as read until you went to the channel a second time. Even though you read all the messages the first time.
- Fixed: Also, users were unable to mark the first message in channels/DMs as unread, even though it was probably the first thing they did read. Both annoyances are now fixed.
- Fixed: You can now add reactions to files uploaded with an initial comment.
- A “Custom” label is now shown on custom Slackbot responses that have been set up by someone on your team, reducing the terrible shenanigans we have previously taken the flack for. Sorry about this (sorry-but-not-very-sorry).
- Fixed: When closing a DM we now, in a predictable fashion, take users to their most recent channel, rather than the arguably more exciting magical mystery tour approach. Fine.
What's New in Version 3.8.1
- Tweaks so tiny they’re barely worth mentioning, and bug fixes that are nigh on impossible to describe.
- So: Minor improvements and bug fixes, basically.
- We knew this day would come.
What's New in Version 3.7
- The Team Switcher has been updated so it’s even nicer than before.
- Fixed: A crash which could occur in the Quick Switcher, meaning that it would sometimes quickly and quietly crash, has been fixed. It now defers to plain old switching, instead.
- Fixed: There was formerly too much spacing between lines in block quotes and pre blocks. Now it’s just right.
- Fixed: We now allow users to invite bots to your #general channel (or to whatever you’ve renamed your #general channel).
- Fixed: The left side of emoji reactions are no longer clipped. Phew, eh?
- Fixed: You’re now able to scroll properly through file comments, even long comments, because some comments are important and long, but now you can do it even if the comments in question are, for some reason, really quite ridiculously over-exaggeratedly, sometimes pointlessly, repetitively, over-verbosely long. Even if you’re questioning whether you wanted this fixed by the time you reach the end, it is fixed. TL;DR, you can scroll through all the comments, all the way to the end, no matter how long they are. If that’s the kind of thing you like to do. And thank you for doing it.
What's New in Version 3.6
- A delightful new team switcher and a more attractive sidebar have been added. Swipe right once for the channel list, and now, swipe right again to change teams entirely. Swipe left to edit your profile, change settings, and look at your own face. Because you look nice today.
- The Quick Switcher is better, and smarter, and swifter at switching.
- A preference has finally arrived to disable all animated images, including emoji and reacji. You can find it in Settings --> Accessibility --> Disable Animated Images. Take that, parrot.

- Fixed: Uploading an image file should, cross fingers, no longer cause the app to crash.
- Fixed: A missing VoiceOver label on the Quick Switcher has been put in its rightful place.
- Fixed: When opening a new DM you can now search by both first and last name with a space in between, because that’s how names work.
- Fixed: Editing a message after the “edit message window” has expired no longer fails silently.
- Fixed: Extra # no longer displayed next to channel name when jumping to the message archive from Pinned Items.
- Fixed: A nefarious bug in the emoji picker resulted in a mischievous misplacement of emoji. No more.
What's New in Version 2.90
- The Quick Switcher now mirrors the benefits of the desktop version — quicker to switch and better at remembering your most recent and most frequent channels.
- We now handle the conversion of Group DMs to Private Channels with a little more dignity, and a great deal more elan.
- File links now come with added auto-auth tokens, allowing you to move swiftly and securely from the app to a mobile browser to view a file without re-authentication (or “signing in again”).

- Fixed: A few of our bigger crashers which could occur when loading messages/switching teams. Given that these functions are kind of important, we thought it prudent to clean that up.
- Fixed: For the benefit of all those who have pinned seemingly random messages and confused their team, we now, thankfully, request confirmation before pinning.
- Fixed: In an unfair reflection on your photographic skills, "Use Last Photo Taken" would sometimes upload a poor quality image file. The picture should now be only as poor as the one you took.
- Fixed: Pleasingly, audio files now continue to play while the app is in the background.
- Fixed: Users were sometimes unable to upload an image file because they were told they didn't have an internet connection. “But I do” you said. Fair enough, we said, we should fix that. And we did.
- Fixed: Tapping the "View Files" button from a user's profile now takes you to their file list, so you can view files they’ve shared with you or publicly in your team, as you might expect.
- Fixed: 3D touching an email or phone number link would cause the app to think your intent was to reach through the phone and actually caress the face of the other party and, in a fit of awkwardness, would crash the app. Possibly. Whatever the case, it’s now fixed.
What's New in Version 2.80
- You can now 3D Touch on the app icon, channel list, and team directory for shortcuts and to both peek ​*and*​ pop. NB: Only available on phones with 3D Touch. We are not responsible for screens in other dimensions.
- Search Assist is now spiffier and speedier, with extra modifiers to better assist your searching.
- Pinned Items can now be added, removed and, most importantly, viewed while on the move.
- Individual channels can now, mercifully, be muted from their Channel Settings menu.
- In fact, full notifications preferences are now available on iOS, making it easier for everyone to adjust notification levels to suit them, whenever and wherever they like.

- Fixed: You can now long press on items within Starred Items to unstar them, and render them simply “Items”, humility is a good thing.
- Fixed: Previously, unacceptably, resending a failed message with a custom emoji broke the custom emoji. We fixed it.
- Fixed: We cleaned up the copy that was displayed when inviting a new user to a channel so the channel name isn’t duplicated because attention to detail is important.
- Fixed: Uploading an image using "Use Last Photo Taken" method was generating duplicates in your camera roll, making the last photo taken the next photo too. It no longer does this.
- Fixed: The message input field was playing peekaboo behind the keyboard if you started a search with the keyboard up. Cute, we told it; but not cool. It stopped immediately.
- Fixed: An underscore in a pinned message is now, logically, displayed as an underscore.
- Fixed: If you tapped a user’s phone number from their profile view sometimes we would only show an option to “Text”. While this may have salved the introverted souls among us, the option to call, FaceTime, OR text should have always been (and is now) available.
- Fixed: The Quick Switcher now is a bit quicker when searching and swifter when switching.
- One last little big thing: We added support for Jumbomoji. Post a message that contains only emoji (up to 23 of them) and they’ll come out super-sized (or, at the very least, visible).
What's New in Version 2.71
- Fixed: Some oddly formatted messages had a tendency to cause crash upon crash in a seemingly never-ending loop. We no longer loop nor cause a crash, no matter how oddly-formatted the message.
- Fixed: A horrible habit we had of crashing when sharing a file on iOS 8 is a tendency that has been tamed.
- Fixed: We’ve improved the way @mentions and #channel-names autocomplete, so they no longer push messages up as they magically resolve themselves.
- Fixed: Even if you had already edited an image from your camera roll, a decision to “Use Last Photo Taken” would use the original image instead of the edited version.
- Fixed: The Watch app no longer crashes for users on large teams, and loads faster than ever for those on teams of all sizes.
- Fixed: Channels with unread messages would sometimes get stuck in a “read” state on iPad. Now everything you’ve read is read and everything you haven’t read is unread, as nature intended. Apart from the things that you have read but then have chosen to mark as unread with a long press, but that’s a different matter entirely.
- Fixed: The screen is now scrollable when editing your own profile, and no part of the page now plays partial peekaboo behind the keyboard.
What's New in Version 2.67
- Performance improvements when connecting and loading messages. This will affect (positively) anyone out there who uses the Slack app to either connect to Slack and/or load messages. This one’s for you, you mavericks, you.
- We now show an “(edited)” label on messages that have been edited, making it clearer when things have changed. Less confusion, fewer shenanigans.

- Fixed: New users attempting to sign in from an invite email would get stuck in a sign in loop, which is not the warm welcome we would wish for those people. Sorry, people.
- Fixed: A few crashes that could occur when switching teams/signing out now do not.
- Fixed: When opening links some special characters (e.g. # and %) weren’t getting converted correctly.
- Fixed: Some users with an apostrophe in their email address would not be able to sign in.
- Fixed: Where sometimes, frustratingly, you couldn’t scroll all the way down to view the newest message in a channel.
- Fixed: Post and Snippet previews would sometimes still show the old cached version, it now shows the newest greatest version.
- Fixed: Brand new Group Messages that were missing from your Channel List now appear as expected.
- Fixed: If you pressed the “return” key to save a message after editing with a Bluetooth keyboard it would, to our eternal chagrin, send a new message.
- Fixed: Now show option to “Remove Star” when long pressing starred images.
- Fixed: Long pressing on a #channel-name and selecting “Copy channel” now properly copies the channel name.
- Fixed: If a message was edited multiple times it wouldn’t update correctly. Which seems like it might just have been a judgement on people’s typing skills, but was actually a big. Bog. Damnit: Bug. [edited]
What's New in Version 2.66
- Fixed: The badge behavior that went awry and caused consternation has been restored to its former functionality.
- Fixed: A crash would sometimes occur when loading messages in a channel, which is literally all we do. So that wasn’t good. No more.
- Fixed: URLs containing non-ascii characters would fail to open in browser when tapped. All URLs are now treated equally.
- Fixed: The text in the channel view would resize when displaying/dismissing the Channel List on iPad. It wasn’t your eyes, it was us. It is now neither.
- Fixed: The app would sometimes crash when creating a new private channel. No more.
- Previously added, but now public: You can now feel free to not-receive all the messages you don’t want to receive, whenever you want not to don’t-not receive them, with support for our magical, long-awaited new Do Not Disturb feature (This was secretly supported in 2.65, but we didn’t want to disturb your not knowing about Do Not Disturb feature by telling you so).
What's New in Version 2.65
- Marvellous changes to the Archive Viewer + Infinite Scrolling: Tap on an archive link, and if the message isn't cached, you'll be taken to the archive viewer; And you can kiss goodbye to the “Load More History” button (or you could if you could find it) because scrolling is now infinite. Yes, infinite. It now lasts for ever. Literally ever.
- A new and improved sign in flow that you may never see if you’re reading this message.
- A brand new background app refresh: your last active channel is automatically now updated in a heartbeat, and your channel list in the background follows along, like a puppy who can smell all the jerky in your pocket.
- An improved share extension is yours to enjoy, with support for sharing of all file types.
- You can now jump to a channel from the search archive. If you want to.
- “Joined/Left #channel" messages are now rolled up in one long, delicious, yuletide log of irresolute flipfloppery.

- Fixed: Custom emoji would sometimes display as :text: which was excruciating. Now they don’t, which is some kind of a seasonal front-end-engineering-based miracle.
- Fixed: You’re now able to long press on image attachments to “Copy Image” or “Save Image” when you want to do those things to that other thing.
- Fixed: Tapping an initial file comment now correctly takes you to that comment.
- Fixed: Trying to sign in to a team you are already signed into would cause the app to hang. No more.
- Fixed: Renaming a channel now correctly respects the 21 character limit. Looked like it could have been fun for a moment there. Consider fun redacted.
- Fixed: You are now able to share private files from a DM to other channels (and it’ll trigger the same warnings and permission requests as everywhere else).
- Fixed: Sharing an animated GIF using the share extension would share it as a static image, which kind of missed the point of GIFs. Sorry.
- Fixed: Like a loyal dog in a snowstorm waiting by the point it last saw its beloved owner, we now maintain your scroll position when you return to Slack from a mobile browser. We’re here for you. Right here. Right on the same message as before. We missed you. Is it time for a walk? You have jerky, right?

We depend on your help to make things better. Got feedback? Send a note to or send us a message in app using the /feedback slash command.
What's New in Version 2.61
- Crash fixes.
- That’s it. No interesting details to impart, either. We just fixed some things that would make the app crash. So the app crashes less. So that’s all we have to say. “Crash fixes”. We knew this day would come sooner or later.

We depend on your help to make things better. Got feedback? Send it to
What's New in Version 2.60
- A whole heap of performance improvements throughout the app, making it faster. Slack now loads and connects quicker than before, and is much more usable while on a spotty network connection. The Quick Switcher (the “Jump to…” button) now lives up to its name, and should now be actually quick to switch regardless of team size. Image previews in channels, however, now load much slower. Just kidding, they’re faster. It’s all just faster. SO much faster. TLDR: Faster.
- Should you wish it, you can now create a brand new Slack team without leaving the app. Just tap the “Switch Teams” button from the right side menu and then, in a triumph of logic over poetic language, click “Create a new team” to create a new team.
- Ginormous support for iPad Pro, with big, shiny UI and layout improvements.
- You can :face_with_rolling_eyes: all you like, now we’ve added support for the new iOS 9.1 emoji.
- We added spiffy new upload button and flexpane menu (top right) icons.
- And several other screens also got a fresh lick of paint too. You can tell which ones by licking the paint.

- Fixed: Group Messages are now findable in the Quick Switcher, even ones you’ve closed.
- Fixed: Avatar images on the “Invite” screen are now, pleasingly, the same size again, which is good, as it was making us twitchy.
- Fixed: You no longer see an option to “Delete Comment” when long pressing on other user’s comments (unless you’re an admin and actually have the permission to delete other user’s comments, in which case you do).
- Fixed: Tapping the “Switch Teams” button would sometimes take you to the “Invite” screen. Which was an interesting and unexpected diversion, but, given that magical mystery tours are not a good thing in software, we fixed it.

We depend on your help to make things better. Got feedback? Send it to
What's New in Version 2.55
- Fixed: Pinning an email integration message to a channel could crash the app.
- Fixed: An image file failing to download would also occasionally crash the app.
- Firmly fixed: Our desire to live in a perfect world where stupid little things don’t crash the app any more.

We depend on your help to make things better. Got feedback? Send it to
What's New in Version 2.40
- Fixed: some users could get stuck in a crash loop when loading messages. This was extremely annoying, and we’re sorry for it.
- Fixed: Some links would fail to open in Safari when tapped (e.g. YouTube links). No more.
- Fixed: Where we weren’t properly displaying some symbols in the titles of attachments (like where “&” was shown as “&”), we now are.
- Fixed: Google Calendar integration messages now, logically, show as the correct time in your local timezone. No more setting an alarm for those unexpected 3am meetings.
What's New in Version 2.35
- Fixed: a critical performance bug for people on teams with a lot of members. More performance improvements coming soon. Promise.
- Fixed: If you launched the app from landscape the rotation layout wouldn’t update correctly and the bottom half of the screen would be black, which was interesting from an aesthetic perspective, but horrible from a usability one.
- Fixed: Opening the app from a push notification would sometimes crash the app. Sorry.
- Fixed: The “unread since” header in the top left of the Channel List is no longer cut off, because frankly the suspense was killing us.
- Fixed: If you select “Safari” as your Web Browser preference, links will not open in the in-app browser, they’ll now open in… wait for it: Safari.
- Fixed: Where previously some users couldn’t open https links in Chrome, they now can. Now any link you want to open in Chrome can and will open in (all together now) Chrome.
- Fixed: We no longer create duplicate private groups when really all you wanted to do was create one.
- Fixed: Weirdly specific and incredibly maddening, the app would lock up if you dragged the cursor to move the insertion point back in front of an @mention or #channel, which is almost as hard to do as it is to explain. Luckily for all of us, we fixed it.
- Fixed: The app would crash if you attempted to change your profile picture from iPad. No more.
- Fixed: Attempting to move back and forth through your channel history using a two finger swipe with the keyboard up would crash the app. Now, it just goes back in your channel history, rather than go back in history to before the app existed.
What's New in Version 2.30
- Performance improvements for faster loading of messages, as promised. We’re working on more, but know we have many more performance improvement promises to keep, and miles to go before we sleep. Luckily, we need sleep. So they’re coming soon.
- iOS 9 Support: Including an improved in-app browser. Also: iPad multitasking is now supported on devices where multitasking is possible (the iPad Air 2 and the upcoming iPad Mini 4.) You can still multitask with older iPads, but only by using several at once.

- Fixed: Images now move from portrait to landscape with ease and grace; ideal for rollercoaster working.
- Fixed: long file names are now fully displayed in the channel so you can actually view the name of the file (although we’ll truncate it if the file name takes up more than three lines, because come on, really? REALLY?)
- Fixed: the “Open in…” button can be used to open more file types in other apps.
- Fixed: Some links, found to be untappable if they were in the same message as a block quote or code block, are now tappabler.
- Fixed: we would show an error-filled alert if a user tried use @everyone in a channel that wasn’t #general, which, as we all know is the only channel you can use @everyone. The alert now uses words.
- Fixed: the message that would appear on your screen if any user on your team (at all) archived any channel (at all) was not that much use to you (at all) so it doesn’t do that any more. At all.
- Fixed: if you misspelled the last word in a message and tapped “Send” we didn’t autocorrect the word prior to sending, even if it was very obviously rong.
What's New in Version 2.22
- Zippier load times, especially for humungous (or even just “large”) teams.
- Performance improvements in the Channel List. Added: some gentle, almost soothing, animations for moving channels up and down. Move them up, move them down. Relax.
- Noticeable improvements to in-app viewing of files, faster loading of PDFs, and many more file-based improvements on the way.

- Fixed: It is with giddiness, ebullience and abundant jocundity we inform you that you can, once more, view .doc files, .rtf files, .xls files, .key files (and even a few other file types) without leaving the app.
- Fixed: Creating an unfortunate sensation of experiencing the same thing over and over again, channels would sometimes be bold in the Channel List as if messages were unread, even though you had already read all the messages in that channel. In this case it wasn’t deja vu, it was us.
- Fixed: The subject line in email integration messages are now all the same color and much nicer (and easier) to read.
- Fixed: You’re now able to edit file titles from within the new file previewer. Only your own though. No hijinks or shenanigans, you.
- Fixed: You can now view the full titles of files with long names by tapping the “More Options” button (in the bottom right hand corner).
- Fixed: Joy of joys, you can now add a reacji in a DM using +:emoji:
- Fixed: A long press on file comments will allow you to "Copy Text". What you do with it then is your own business.
- Fixed: Long names weren't being truncated correctly in the DM nav bar — we now always use @username.
- Fixed: The app would sometimes, tetchily, crash when opening/dismissing an image file from a search. We advised the app that you were dismissing the image, not the whole app, and that class wasn’t over until we said so.
What's New in Version 2.21
- We now display a number next to the file preview, which is, in itself, a preview of the number of comments you can find on the file. It’s like glimpsing into the near future.
- Always on your way out the door when you remembered just one more thing you meant to ask? We’ll load your last viewed channel a tad faster, so you can finish that thought.

- Fixed: the “Switch Teams” button will now always be at the bottom of the flexpane instead of occasionally, confusingly, maddeningly trading places with the “Invite” button. Sorry about that.
- Fixed: trying to add a reaction while reactions were still loading was a chain of events simply too exciting for the app, which would crash in a tizzy. So much calmer now.
- Fixed: opening an image file using the .gif extension crashed the app. Now? Nup.
- Fixed: now able to close file previews with VoiceOver enabled by tapping the “X” close button.
- Fixed: happily, you can now tap the "Not Now" or "Import" buttons in the in-app invite flow while VoiceOver is enabled.
- Fixed: links from within your Recent Mentions can be tapped. Well, they could always be tapped, but now when you tap them they’ll actually DO something.
- Fixed: there were a few other miscellaneous things that could crash the app, but were so difficult to actually do (even if you tried) that hopefully you never noticed them anyway. Let blissful ignorance reign.
What's New in Version 2.20
- Search 2.0: We’ve spruced up search, so you can now: Tap on a search result to jump to the message in the channel archive; long press on search results to copy text or star a message; activate quicker search using your saved search history; revel in an immeasurably improved UI and; as ever, type in a secret code that allows you to glimpse messages from 30 years in the future. Not that last one. Sorry. But the rest!
- In-app Invites: Admins and team owners can now invite users from the convenience of their app (support for inviting restricted users and guests coming soon).
- Improve your reaction time! Type +:emoji: to add it as a reaction to the last message (just like the desktop app).
- Long press on a reaction to see an improved list of reactees. Reactors? Reacjiizers. Bear with us, it’s a brave new world out here.
- Treat yo’self: delight in the new-fangled Recent Mentions view, new icons in the flexpane, and a totally redone file preview and comment experience.
- Also: The Channel List is wider than ever. Seriously, you can’t miss that thing.

- Fixed: the :sunny: emoji was being translated to a unicode character. It had a certain rustic charm, but rustic is SO last season.
- Fixed: an idiotic idiosyncrasy where the channel-specific Push Notification Settings page on iOS wouldn’t always save an indvidual’s pref correctly.
- Fixed: some of our default :country-code: emojis were overriding custom emojis (e.g. :ca: would display the canadian flag emoji but in 2.20 the emoji is now listed as :flag-ca:). This time, Canada, WE’RE sorry.
- Fixed: if you tried to “Close DM” with @slackbot it wouldn’t kick you from the DM. Slackbot was brought up better than that.
- Fixed: in a move that defeated the point of archiving channels, archived channels were sometimes showing up in the Quick Switcher results.
- Fixed: also, we no longer show you, the user, in your own Quick Switcher results. If you want to talk to yourself, fine, but you don’t need our assistance.
- Fixed: with VoiceOver enabled we now more helpfully (we hope) indicate the time and date of the message instead of “earlier today”.
- Fixed: when tapping on a channel in the channel list with VoiceOver enabled we now (pretty essentially) indicate whether the channel has unread messages.
- Fixed: editing a message with an @mention or #channel-name link would remove the linkification from the message. It is now relinkified.
- Fixed: after leaving/archiving a channel we now take you to your most recent channel instead of to @slackbot. We just thought you might like to hang out with Slackbot, but, y’know, whatever. Slackbot gets it. It’s ok.
- Fixed: where the share extension didn’t always update to display the user’s most recent channel, it now does.
- Fixed: @everyone messages in a channel other than #general now result in a cheery reminder that @everyone only works in #general. What happens next is between you and your conscience.
- Fixed: tapping the “in @dm” link from the Starred Items section would create a new channel with the ID of the DM, and that was wack.
- Fixed: file comments didn’t always respect the “Display Real Names” user pref. Respect was due. Respect given.
- Fixed: missing the point of being a toggle switch, the “Your Status” toggle switch would sometimes show as “Away” even when flipped to the “Active” toggle position.
- Fixed: users would sometimes get haunted by the phantasmic badge icon of a message with an @mention that had been deleted before it was ready. Fantastically, that anomaly is finally exorcised.
What's New in Version 2.15
- After what seemed like forever (but was actually about a week), you can now long press on any message and tap on "Add Reaction" to add reaction emoji to all the messages, files and images you desire. Please reacji responsibly.

- Fixed: the "frequently used" section of the reaction picker was missing some of your frequently used emojis, which somewhat missed the point.
- Fixed: not able to add reactions to some image files uploaded with comments. There shouldn’t be any restrictions to your reactions.
- Fixed: where emoji aliases were not, they are now displayed.
- Fixed: a font-related crash. So /comic sans still doesn’t work, but we no longer punish you for trying.
- Fixed: image previews didn't shrink back to the thumbnail size when tapping to dismiss. They do. Now.
- Fixed: entering the name of a nonexistent emoji (like :towel:) in the search field and then tapping the "Done" keyboard button would crash the app in a moment of existential panic; because if :towel: could not be located, how could “Done” be true?!? Don’t panic, we told the app. Now the app is hoopy, and panics no more.
What's New in Version 2.10
- Improvements to the login flow for Two Factor Authorization: Now simply tap a button to open your authenticator app, copy the 2FA code and upon returning to Slack we’ll automatically paste the clipboard contents and sign you in, like software-flavored magic.
- New and improved in-app browser for iPad. It wasn’t good before. It’s still not as good as it will one day be, but it is, at the very least, gooder.
- Support added for another top-secret feature arriving extremely soon that we believe will make you smile in at least 13 different ways (and do other things, to boot).

- Fixed: If user's last active channel was archived they could get stuck in a "can't join this channel" alert loop. That may have been true, but sometimes the truth hurts. No more.
- Fixed: VoiceOver users can now more easily identify their current channel, and open the Channel Settings menu. We continue to strive for improvement in a11y.
- Fixed: In a massive blow to the productivity of working teams everywhere, large/high frame rate animated gifs sometimes wouldn’t animate. Now they do.
- Fixed: Users burned when attempting to use custom slash commands can now return to the fray. Slash away, with no danger of burn.
- Fixed: Image file previews would occasionally cause the app to crash, especially for users on the iPhone 6 Plus. This was maddening, we are very sorry for it, and very happy to have fixed it.
- Fixed: In a terrible case of app-related pant-fire, if you opened the Channel List while the “Loading Messages…” banner was displayed it would not update to “Connected” even though you *were* connected. That fire has been doused.
- Fixed: Some file types (e.g. Snippets, Dropbox image files) had to be opened not once but twice before they would display. Duh.
- Fixed: It pains us to say that searching the Team Directory or the Channel Member list would break if you scrolled through the search results.
- Fixed: The file upload progress bar didn’t have enough padding on the right side, which didn’t lend itself to the proper sense of satisfaction uploading should proffer.
- Fixed: When a DM fails to send, the banner alert now reads “ @user” instead of “ @user”. The previous version was not only wrong, it sounded a bit gross. Sorry.
- Fixed: An erratic improbability where users with custom sidebar themes weren’t able to see the text in their active channel has now been rationalized.
- Fixed: When uploading a file from an iOS device and trying to link to a channel or user in the first doggone comment, it didn’t work, dang it. Now it darn well does.
- Fixed: Uploading large files sometimes crashed the app on older devices. You holders of old devices: the loyal, the faithful, the careful with your hardware, you deserved better than that. And we salute you.
What's New in Version 2.05
- Fixed: performance issues on teams with lots and lots of users
- Fixed: crashes related to the aforementioned performance issues on large teams (the ones with lots and lots of users)
- Fixed: much whizzier loading times for all teams (even the ones with lots and lots of users)
- Fixed: critical VoiceOver issues (lots and lots more improvements coming soon)
What's New in Version 2.00
- Short version: While on the surface it may look the same, the app has undergone a thorough rebuild from the ground up, making the experience better in myriad ways. Using it is just nicer.

- Long version with added coruscation and explanatory detail…
- Offline support! Messages will now load faster on launch than you ever dreamed possible and remain available when you’re offline.
- A clutch of totally awesome pumped-up performance boosts, including noticeably reduced memory usage and killer speeds throughout the app. Crushed it.
- No more jumping around: You can now open links using an in-app web browser. (Settings > Web Browser > In-App Browser) (Better iPad support coming soon).
- You can now long press on URLs to summon a share sheet, then open the link in an app of your choice (Evernote, Wunderlist or Instapaper, for example), or "Add to Reading List" and save for later. Deferred gratification has never felt better.
- Swishier team switcher page with bonus team icons and a better unread message indicator.
- Sometimes bigger IS better. As proof of this, image previews in channels, groups and DMs are now more pixel-packed.
- Super-responsive swiping when opening the left and right-hand menus.
- Left-handers! Super-responsive swiping when opening the right and left-hand menus.
- A new team directory and channel member search has been added.
- Messages now behave more reliably, even on a spotty network connection. If a message fails to send, you can now try, try, try again (and, with any luck, succeed).
- You can now search for channels and DMs by tapping the “+” buttons in the left-side menu (you can still use the wondrous Quick Switcher by swiping right again, of course).
- Slash commands now autocomplete. And have help text. Or something. Anyway it's p cool. /shrug
- If you have an email account set up in the native Mail app, you can now report issues directly by opening the right side menu > Settings > Submit Feedback. Support for other mail apps coming soon.
- And many other small changes to the back end, meaning the game is irrevocably changed, and the iOS app will never be the same again. Basically, what Star Wars did for sci-fi, we've done to our app. But without Jar Jar Binks.

- Fixed: typing would occasionally become slow and unresponsive, which was frustrating if typing was the main thing you wanted to do, and, let's face it, it usually was. The keyboard is now securely swift.
- Fixed: if you launched the app to a channel with unread messages we wouldn't mark the channel as read even where we should've, because you'd read'em.
- Fixed: the app would crash when opening "Recent Mentions" from the right side menu if you had a recent mention in a file comment.
- Fixed: a few other frequent crashes for iOS 7 users should now be less frequent (or, preferably, completely absent).
- Fixed: We fixed the thing where we'd mention we'd added support for exciting upcoming features in release notes but wouldn't say what those were. That was impolite, and doesn't happen any more. (Except to note that in this build we totally have, and still won't).
What's New in Version 1.99
- Support secured up for an intriguing upcoming integration. Sounds like the fabulous future feature referenced in 1.97? Actually completely different. It's important to be transparent even when you're not allowed to say what you're being transparent about, don't you think?

- Fixed: A crash would occur on launch if a highlight word matched an emoji. This was emojiist, and has been remedied.
- Fixed: Apparently, people with Apple Watches were experiencing inconsistencies with the number of online team members displayed. This annoying discrepancy will, we hear, no longer be a problem. Sorry, people-of-the-future!
What's New in Version 1.96
- Better support for iOS 8.3 and all of Apple's new and exciting diverse emoji. Feel free to express your emojoy both copiously, and diversely.

- Fixed: While signing in with 2FA, the tap target for the "Next" button sidestepped reason, logic and good practice in a way that blocked you from signing in. Now nothing stands between you and your team.
- Fixed: An unfortunate crashiness when switching teams with the three-finger swipe while right at the beginning of a new channel is now resolved. (Relatedly, did you know you could switch teams with a three-finger swipe? Ta-da!)
- Fixed: Tapping the "@" key on iOS 8.3 was occasionally autocorrecting to "my" or "myself" in the message input field. This blatant act of accidental narcissism has been fixed with intensive group therapy. Now @ is @.
- Fixed: Links with "&" in the url were being converted to contain "&" when opening or copying. They now work perfectly each & every time.
- Fixed: Sharing audio files into Slack from the iOS Voice Memos app, which worked, but then didn't work (sorry about that) now works once more.
- Fixed: When "Leaving & Archiving" a channel, text was being truncated. We've fixed that so that there will be no more truncating of text. At all. No text will be truncated. None. Not even weird unnecessary text that you might think is completely surplus to requirements but, it turns out, is actually totally important because it's both conversational and relating crucial facts about bugs and things, as well as providing vital brand engagement. Which reminds us, did you catch the game last night? Go sports team. Anyway. That thing (that thing we were saying? About truncating?) is fixed. Done. The world is yours, detruncated. Run. Be free.
What's New in Version 1.95
- Message formatting now displayed delightfully on mobile. _Finally!_
- In iOS 8, you can now share URLs from Safari directly into Slack channels or private groups (or privately with @slackbot if it's something you need to make a note of for later use). You can also now choose the team you are sharing to directly from the share extension window.
- The introductory/welcome message in all new channels, private groups, and direct messages has been updated to make it feel even more welcoming, and the right-side menu, redesigned, is now as sharp as a shark in a shiny suit.

- Fixed: We fixed an issue where the unread marker was being prematurely cleared when opening the app to a channel with less than 50 unread messages, because apparently no one else reads that fast.
- Fixed: 1password now automatically signs you in without any additional taps.
- Fixed: To our eternal chagrin, using capitalized @Username or @Channel/@Group, while grammatically delightful, did not work. It now does.
- Fixed: Brilliantly, editing a message that contained a custom emoji turned your custom emoji into a piece of cake. Honestly. It sounds too ridiculous to be true but, in this case, cake is not a made-up bug. It is now, however, a fixed one.
- Fixed: Up arrow to edit previous message with Bluetooth keyboard now, thankfully, works again.
- Fixed: An awkward bug meant one was previously unable to close a DM when there was no previous message history. You are no longer required to start a conversation in order to end it.
- Fixed: A double height status bar (e.g. when on a call) will no longer cause the keyboard to overlap the text input field.
- Fixed: Perfectly reasonable attempts to archive a channel or private group on an iPad with iOS 8 could cause the app to crash in a fit of pique. It now knows better than to act that way.
- Fixed: The text input field is no longer silently emptied if you try to send a message containing @channel when that ability is restricted.
- Fixed: The people picker button that was badly busted on iPad landscape when trying to filter file types by user is now practically perfect.
- Fixed: Much to the relief of spies everywhere, the wonky layout in the iPad Quick Switcher when "Display Real Names" was enabled and the user didn't have a real name is now fixed.
- Fixed: Autocorrect was sometimes conflicting with our @autocomplete (yes, again) if the predictive text bar was enabled. It has now been fixed, for good, and will never ever cause problems again. Probably.
- Fixed: iPhone Quick Switcher: a few rare mysterious crashes no longer happen. Some other equally rare mysterious crashes, however, still might. Or might not. It's a mystery.
- Fixed: If a user's full name contained an emoji it would display as a blank cell in the left-side channel list. It now appears as a full name that contained an emoji.
- Fixed: Nowhere near enough people knew that you're able to use emoji in your full name. That wasn't right. We believe we've fixed that now.
- Fixed: Previously the last part of both long messages on iPad and long file comments on iPhone were being brutally truncated. Now, there's no more cutting things sho
What's New in Version 1.90
- You can now, finally, update your profile photo in the iOS app, using a photo taken with your phone. Of your face.
- Quick Switcher is now available on iPad. Yay!
- Our sign in experience is better. It's not perfect, but it is, at the very least, better.
- Same goes for the iPhone 6 and 6+ user experience. We've toiled tirelessly on layout improvements designed to make things better, bigger.
- Added: Support for viewing an upcoming file type (a secret one.)
- Added: Support for upcoming 2 Factor Authentication (not a secret.)
- Added: Support for almost unfeasibly long lists of bug fixes (see below.)

- Fixed: Viewing PDF files imported from Google Drive caused the app to crash. This was sub-optimal, and has been optimized to the point where it now no longer does that.
- Fixed: Tapping file preview now skips the team site page and just opens the goshdarned file.
- Fixed: "Use Last Photo Taken" will now check whether Photos access has actually been enabled rather than just wigging out, and "Save to Camera Roll" no longer flails, fails and falls over if access to Photos is disabled.
- Fixed: No longer always shows @channel and @group in the @-autocomplete.
- Fixed: Autocorrect and @-autocomplete no longer squabble for attention if Predictive Text is turned off on the standard iOS keyboard.
- Fixed: One specific mysterious crash that occasionally occurred has been resolved. Other random mysterious crashes may still occur, but they're toooootally different.
- Fixed: A pesky wrinkle in which custom emoji aliases were not displayed in the autocomplete list has been ironed out. Emoj away.
- Fixed: Only removes the @user or #channel autocomplete if the name is completely typed out AND there is only one result.
- Fixed: Mentioning @slackbot would result in a message asking if you wanted to invite @slackbot to the channel. Ridiculous. Slackbot, as we all know, is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.
- Fixed: You're now allowed to select "Open in Safari" and "Copy Link" while a file is downloading (sorry about before.)
- Fixed: "Copy Link" now gives you a better URL for all file types.
- Fixed: Surprise! Selecting the "Open Links in GDrive" preference in the last build didn't actually do anything at all! Now (SPOILERS!) it opens Google Docs in the GDrive app.
- Fixed: @autocomplete wasn't working with last names.
- Fixed: On user profile pages, names didn't respect capitalization. They Now Do.
- Fixed: iPhone 6+ users experienced some "interesting" visual artifacts on the loading screen.
- Fixed: The practice of starring and unstarring channels, once sluggish, is now friskier.
- Fixed: Tapping "Cancel" when viewing the @everyone warning now no longer clears text you may have entered.
- Fixed: We now use the correct year string formatter, meaning that at midnight on January 1st the year will actually, predictably, change (in Slack) and the passage of time will now continue unfettered. The bad news: this means we will all die, eventually, after all. The good news: the app will keep working! Priorities!
What's New in Version 1.86
- Fixed: A little bug that had wheedled its way into the Quick Switcher was rooted out and humanely disposed of.
- Added: A security update for iOS, keeping everything locked down tighter than a very tightly-locked-down thing.
What's New in Version 1.83
- File comments now show up in real time, almost faster than you can type them (but not quite.)
- Edit and delete file comments, as you wish.
- Support for single sign on, "SSO", which will be available in the near future. Or "in the distant past", if you're a Time Lord.

- Fixed: Indentation is now preserved in snippet preview, a bonus feature meaning you can now actually understand what is going on in a snippet in the app.
- Fixed: Long file names were being truncated at 22 characters, which was important to fix for those who like their filenames really very detailed.
- Fixed: Double tapping to zoom an image while full screen would cause an undesired animation glitch.
- Fixed: RTF files weren't showing a preview, which was bad for anyone still using the stalwart 27-year-old document format. Now they are. You hear that ok, RTF? NOW THEY ARE.
- Fixed: The app now automatically scrolls down when you begin writing a file comment, giving your precious fingertips much needed beauty rest.
- Fixed: Typing an invalid password while signing in on iOS 7 would crash the app.
- Fixed: Numbers documents can now be displayed. 1,2,3: Yay!
- Fixed: Time zones were sometimes shown with incorrect deltas. Now your coworker who is 5 hours ahead of you will no longer simultaneously be 8 hours behind you.
- Fixed: When inviting people to a channel, tapping "Select All" would accidentally (and counterproductively) disable the send button.
- Fixed: Editing a message with an @username, #channel, or regular link would show some stuff unreadable by humans (or, really, computers), which was discriminatory to those people (and computers). It's better now.
- Fixed: Increased emoji and mention autocomplete row height for 3.5" screens.
- Fixed: App no longer crashes if you switch teams and tap the unread messages banner while loading.
- Fixed: Signing in layout issues on iPad iOS 7 landscape.
- Fixed: Anyone hoping for a Snippet Battle was previously disappointed when it was discovered snippets of over 4,000 lines were causing the app to crash. No longer. Snippeteers: Start your engines.
Note: The release notes shown here are grabbed from time to time from the iTunes servers, so maybe there's some missing versions.
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