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OSnap! Pro • Stop Motion Lapse

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Price: $4.99
Release Date: 2011-08-25
Category: Photo & Video
Developer: © Justin Cegnar
Version: 4.07
App Size: 12 MB
Language: English
Rated: 4+

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Simple, intuitive, powerful time-lapse and stop motion photography. Create and share stunning videos with ease. Packed full of features, OSnap! is truly the ultimate time-lapse and stop motion app. Perfect for both casual and serious photographers.


"...the best all-round time-lapse app out there, hands down"

"Very cool" --The Daily Appster

"...perhaps THE best time-lapse photography app on iOS"

"Incredibly powerful....I love it!" --iPad Today

"This app is packed full of features...a high recommendation"

"...a must have for shooting Time Lapses bar none" --DSLRVideoClassRoom

"The bounty of options never feels overwhelming or superfluous" --Eric Gwinn, Chicago Tribune

"HIGHLY RECOMMENDED...amazing results"



-Create quick and easy projects using built-in presets
-Advanced options for expert photographers
-Projects are ongoing; add or delete images any time you like
-More features and flexibility than any other app in its category

-Front/back camera, camera flash, exposure/focus/white balance lock
-Shoot portrait and landscape, 4:3, 1080p, 4K, Full Photo Resolution, Square and other HD resolutions (resolution support varies by device)
-Pinch to zoom
-Trigger photo capture with loud sounds in OSnap! 'Listening' mode
-Choose from a collection of unique, highly customizable guides to keep your photo sequences aligned and consistent
-Reminders: Never forget to take a photo. Set hourly, daily, weekly or monthly reminders
-Perfect for 'Daily Portrait' time lapse projects

-Create videos from 1-200 frames per second
-Include music or other audio from your device
-Videos are saved and archived and can be accessed at any time
-Share to Instagram, Vine, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, via Email or to your Camera Roll
-TIP: Exported video resolution is always dictated by the FIRST image in the time-lapse sequence
-Use OSnap! WiFi Transfer to download pics and videos from OSnap! directly to your Mac or PC; optionally, capture live photos WHILE you shoot ($0.99 In-App Purchase)

-Play and watch your projects immediately without rendering to video
-Adjust the speed of your playback WHILE you watch
-Choose speeds from 1-200 frames per second
-Add music from your device
-Record voice over ($0.99 In-App Purchase)
-Infinitely loop playback
-Videos you eventually render will mimic your playback settings exactly

-OSnap!'s powerful editing features allow for the ultimate in time-lapse creativity
-Duplicate, splice, reverse, mix and edit together pieces of your time-lapse sequences into entirely new cinematic creations
-Import photos from your device camera roll ($0.99 In-App Purchase)

-Set timer to capture images as fast as every 0.25 seconds or as slow as every 48 hours
-Photos are saved immediately so that you will never lose data
-System notifications will not interrupt timed photo sessions
-Use delayed start and blackout periods to pause shooting during specified times & dates
-Limit number of photos for each timed capture session; or take unlimited photos
-Darken screen during long image capture sessions to help preserve battery life
-Rapid timer settings (as fast as 0.25 seconds) allows for photo burst capabilities; capture multiple, quick photo sequences of sports and other live action events


What's New in Version 4.07
Show History
--Bug fixes and performance improvements
What's New in Version 4.05
--Fixed bug that caused update failure when modify "Default New Project Settings"
What's New in Version 4.02
Excited to announce the latest OSnap! feature additions:

--Stop motion experts: OSnap! now includes the ability to save camera settings locks from sessions to session, including: WB, Exposure, Focus, Orientation, Zoom. With this new feature you can return to the camera screen at any time and your settings will be reapplied exactly as you last left them
--Introducing new sub 1 second FPS options for playback and render: 0.25 FPS, 0.5 FPS, 0.75 FPS
--Device will now always stay awake while on camera screen

Questions or feedback? You can reach us at
What's New in Version 4.01
--Fixed Camera UI and target overlay bugs (e.g. Onion Skin shift) on iPhone X
--Fixed scrubbing on Voice Over Recording screen
--Fixed issue where album thumbnail images could be slow to appear on photo import
--Other minor bug fixes

Questions or feedback? You can reach us at
What's New in Version 3.5
What's new in OSnap! :
- Blackout Periods: This brand new option allows you to specify dates or hours of the day when a timed photo shoot will be paused (e.g., during nighttime hours when no light is available). A project can have multiple blackout periods which, when combined, can be used to create custom shooting schedules. You could (for example) create a timed photo shoot that begins next Thursday AND only captures photos during the hours of 12PM to 5PM. Etc.
- Torch: You can now use the device 'torch' to light your scenes. This option is particularly useful when super fast shooting intervals cause the camera flash to be impractical
- You can now listen to music from your device library simultaneously while you shoot photos
- Support for saving individual photos and videos directly to third party apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
- Many other bug fixes and improvements
What's New in Version 3.4
--iOS 10 Updates
--Fixed rare bug that could cause crash when attempting to render a video for projects containing in excess of 5,000 photos
--Fixed bug that could cause crash when attempting to copy/clone images for projects containing in excess of 5,000 photos
--Fixed bug that could cause errors when exporting a large number of photos to Camera Roll with the 'Create Albums when Exporting' option turned on
--More accurate handling of image orientation/rotation for imported images
--Performance improvements
--Other minor bug fixes and improvements
What's New in Version 3.3.3
--Fixed bug that caused OSnap! to hang when saving photos to the Camera Roll when 'Create Albums when Exporting' is selected in project settings
--Other minor bug fixes
What's New in Version 3.3.2
-Fixed newly introduced bug that could cause OSnap! to abort during long timed photo shoots
-Battery saving improvements to the 'Darken Screen' while shooting battery saving feature
-Fixed bug setting Alignment Overlay for default OSnap! projects
-Other bug fixes and improvements
What's New in Version 3.3
This OSnap! update includes MANY performance improvements and functional enhancements!

-No more manually rotating OSnap! back and forth. Every OSnap! screen will automatically rotate to your current device orientation

-Portrait vs. Landscape project handling has been completely overhauled and simplified to be more intuitive and predictable
-'Landscape Right' and 'Landscape Left' are gone; only 'Landscape' and 'Portrait' projects remain
-Setting your project to Portrait/Landscape will now only affect the playback and rendering of your projects, but will NOT affect the orientation of your existing photos

-The OSnap! camera will now automatically rotate to your chosen orientation -- even midshoot -- so that you can seamlessly capture both portrait and landscape photos to your projects
-Tap the new 'Lock Orientation' button to prevent automatic rotation
-Both the total number and current number of frames are now continuously displayed while shooting

-For all you hardcore stop motion editors out there, the OSnap! 'thumbs' screen has undergone a MAJOR overhaul
-No more wait screen while thumbs are loading
-No more pagination; all thumbs are displayed continuously on one screen
-Jump quickly to the beginning, end, or seek to any specific thumb
-Double tap any unselected thumb to select it and all frames before it to the next prior selected frame
-Double tap any thumb in a contiguously selected group of thumbs to deselect the entire group
-New option to display frame number over each thumb so that you know exactly where you are in the sequence
-Arbitrarily reverse subsegments of selected photos or all photos at once
-Arbitrarily rotate (90, -90, 180) subsegments of selected photos or all photos at once

-Photo import has been greatly optimized and simplified, with performance improvements and the elimination of rotation options (all photos can now be arbitrarily rotated later in the OSnap! 'thumbs' if necessary (it probably won't be))
--Most recent photos are now displayed first
--Choose 'Reverse Photos' to quickly view and select earlier pics

-Pleased to introduce a brand new feature, Live Photo Capture!
-Live Photo Capture allows you to automatically copy photos in real time to your Mac or PC while OSnap! shoots
-Additionally, Live Photo Capture gives you the option of having each photo automatically deleted from the device immediately after it is transferred

-Support for iOS 9
-Ending support for iOS 7
What's New in Version 3.2.2
We're excited to announce our newly minted membership in the Mixcord network of apps! Mixcord is an awesome new social platform that allows you to create and share content like you have never done before. Use Mixcord to share your pics and videos, find other content creators, and discover the latest cutting edge apps that are being used to do things you never thought possible. Access your Mixcord feed, explore content, and upload pics and videos all right from within OSnap!! Check it out!

-Share videos to Twitter!
-Rearrange OSnap! project ordering. Tap 'Edit' in the lower right of the home screen and then simply drag.

-Facebook video and pics sharing fixed
-Instagram bug fixed: This bug caused OSnap! videos with no audio track to get cut off at 3 seconds when imported to Instagram. Now fixed!
-First frame of OSnap! videos no longer black/blank. This makes for smoother looping on Vine & Instagram and allows social networks to grab a nicer looking preview thumb

-Ending support for iOS 6
What's New in Version 3.2.1
-iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus native UI
-Minor bug fixes
What's New in Version 3.2
**Exciting new social sharing updates!**
--Share pics and videos to Instagram!
--Share videos to Vine!
--Share pics to Twitter!
--2 brand new dedicated OSnap! project presets for Instagram & Vine!
--Fixed obscure bug that could cause device to go to sleep during photo sessions with an initial delay
--Other minor bug fixes and improvements
What's New in Version 3.1.1
-Reminders bug fixed
-Camera shooting screen now directly integrated with 'overlay guides' screen
-Twitter sharing temporarily disabled; Twitipic API has been shut down
-OSnap! rendered videos that lack audio will no longer cause phantom audio fuzz sound when imported into Vine
-Other minor bug fixes and improvements
What's New in Version 3.1
-OSnap! now shoots 1x1 Square Photos! (available iOS 7 and above).
-Also included, a second HD Square shooting mode for OSnap! Pro & Upgrade
-Locate Square resolution at Project Settings > Photo Capture > Resolution
-Battery saving mode efficiency increased by up to 50%
-Other minor bug fixes and improvements
What's New in Version 3.0.2
More iOS 8 updates and bug fixes
Fixed crashing problem on iOS 6
Twitter sharing for pics/videos is back! (Twitpic will stay in business after all!)
Other minor improvements
What's New in Version 3.0.1
iOS 8 Updates
OSnap! renamed to OSnap! Pro; OSnap! Lite renamed to OSnap!
Temporarily disabling Twitter sharing; Twitpic service is shutting down
Ending support for iOS 5
Minor bug fixes and improvements
What's New in Version 3.0
--Added OSnap! Voice Over recording capabilities (requires one-time In-App purchase of $0.99)
--Minor bug fixes and improvements
What's New in Version 2.9.7
Added pinch to zoom up to 30x (iOS 7 on supported devices only)
Minor bug fixes and improvements
What's New in Version 2.9.6
-Max playback/render speed for OSnap! projects increased to 200 FPS
-HUGE speed improvements when rendering landscape videos
-Fixed rare bug where 'thumbs' screen appears blank
-Fixed rare bug that sometimes caused 1px green strip to appear at bottom of portrait rendered videos
-Other minor bug fixes and improvements
Note: The release notes shown here are grabbed from time to time from the iTunes servers, so maybe there's some missing versions.
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