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Wahoo Fitness

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Price: Free
Release Date: 2010-09-21
Category: Health & Fitness
Developer: © Wahoo Fitness
Version: 5.14.4
App Size: 247 MB
Languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Thai
Rated: 4+

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◇◇◇◇ Train Like a Champion ◇◇◇◇

Wahoo harnesses the awesome power of your phone to transform the way you ride, run and reach your training and fitness goals.

Visit for more information on Wahoo products.

◇◇◇◇ Features ◇◇◇◇

◇ Use your phone to record your running, cycling, or cardio workouts with GPS.

◇ Register, update and get the most out of Wahoo products including KICKR and TICKR.

◇ Connect the Wahoo app with your KICKR Power Trainer for the ultimate in power, accuracy and responsiveness tuned for the most demanding cyclists.

◇ Combine the app with Wahoo sensors to track heart rate and stride rate data, cycling power, speed, and cadence for more than 39 different fitness activities!

◇ Supports Bluetooth Smart sensors.

◇ Supports ANT+ fitness sensors using the Wahoo Key.

◇ Upload & Share workouts to your favorite training websites, including:
- HealthKit
- Strava
- TrainingPeaks
- TodaysPlan
- Runkeeper
- MapMyFitness
- RideWithGPS
- MyFitnessPal
- Cycling Analytics
- Dropbox

◇ Export .fit files for upload and analysis anywhere.

◇ Review your History. See a summary of the results from your entire workout history, including GPS route, organized by date and workout type in the history tab.

◇ Dedicated KICKR workout screen with four modes including Resistance Levels, Erg Mode, Simulation Mode and Manual mode

◇ Get the most accurate calorie burn count. Add your user data such as age, weight, and height to get personalized calorie burn information.

◇ Get personalized heart rate zone info. Calculates personalized HR zones and shows current, average, and max heart rate as well as how much time you spend in each zone during your workout.

◇ Stay informed with audio alerts. Choose from a huge array of customizable audio announcements such as distance, time, pace, calories burned and more at regular distance or time intervals to stay informed and motivated during your workout.

◇ Get comprehensive cycling power data. Works with all Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ power meters and offers multiple power screens with power in watts, avg. power, nPower, iFactor, TSS, and mean max power for 20 seconds, 1, 2, 20, and 60 minutes.

◇ Use multiple sensors at once. You can use multiple sensors at the same time using the same or different wireless technologies without interference.

◇ Choose your favourite data screens. Select from 13 screens to see the data that's most important to you and your workout.

Please Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

What's New in Version 5.14.4
Show History
Fixed: A crash when connecting to RFLKT.
What's New in Version 5.13.3
Support for new device sizes.
What's New in Version 5.13.0
* Climb Support
• Fixed a bug causing database migration to fail
• Fixed a bug not allowing negative slope on the KICKR control page
• Translations
What's New in Version 5.12.1
FIXED: Unable to Change KICKR Control Settings on iPad
Other minor bug fixes.
What's New in Version 5.10.4
Lots of improvements in this release including:

• FIXED: Uploading TCX File cannot be uploaded to TrainingPeaks.
• FIXED: Cadence in TCX export file is steps per minute, which shows too high on Strava.
• FIXED: Audio Announcements for time and pace.
• FIXED: Unable to change sensor name on main sensor page.
• FIXED: Calories not shown in workout history.
• FIXED: App crashes when trying to calibrate a RFLKT+ manually.
• FIXED: RideWithGPS uploads.
• FIXED : TICKR X Workout start & end editing widgets.
• TWEAKED: When GPS accuracy gets too poor speed and distance stopped tracking. Note that sometimes lots of trees will affect GPS accuracy.
What's New in Version 5.10.2
Bug fix release
• FIXED : Crash when connecting to cloud server.
• FIXED : Crash that sometimes occurred when attempting to sync TICKRX offline workouts.
• FIXED : Crash that sometimes occurred when completing a workout.
• FIXED : Crash that occurred when restoring default settings.
• FIXED : Allow workouts to be uploaded in other formats not just TCX.
• FIXED : Crash that sometimes happened when cancelling a KICKR calibration test.
• FIXED : A bug that showed the same sensor over and over on iOS 9.
• FIXED: A crash in charts that sometimes occurred in the background when viewing the detailed history and then backgrounding the app.
What's New in Version 5.10.0
• Updated for iPhone X,
• Bug fixes.
What's New in Version 5.9.10
* iOS 11 Compatibility
* iPhone 8/8 Plus compatibility
What's New in Version 5.9.9
* Bug Fixes
What's New in Version 5.9.6
Bug fixes
What's New in Version 5.9.5
Today Plan Uploads
Bug fixes
What's New in Version 5.9.2
Fix for RFLKT and ECHO screen updates
What's New in Version 5.8.1
Minor bug fixes.

Go Team Sky!
What's New in Version 5.8.0
- Updated sensor compatibility.
What's New in Version 5.7.7
Support for Wahoo Speed
What's New in Version 5.7.6
GPS Fixes
KICKR Registration fixes
What's New in Version 5.7.5
Bug fixes and improvements.
What's New in Version 5.7.2
- Fix for Nike+ uploads
- Fix for KICKR Snap updates
- Fix for a few crash reports
What's New in Version 5.7.1
- Better iOS 9 support
- Fix crashes on long rides
- Fix GPS dropouts
What's New in Version 5.7.0
iOS 9 Support
What's New in Version 5.6.1
Fix for Timex watch
Fix for iOS update
What's New in Version 5.6.0
- Fixed TICKR Smoothness issues
- Fixed Nike+ Upload issuesk
+ Performance tweaks.
What's New in Version 5.5.2
- Improvements to TIMEX Support
- Fixed crash in history for long workouts
- Fixed treadmill uploads to Nike+
- Only show Nike+ Fuel if linked accounts
- Fixed power data upload issue/display
- Fixed issue in CSV data/time
What's New in Version 5.5.1
+ Nike+ FUEL In workout / History
+ Nike+ Workout upload
+ 64bit Support
Bug fixes and improvements

Please remember to update your reviews for the latest version. Thanks :-)
What's New in Version 5.3.2
Bug fixes and improvements

We have some great new stuff coming this spring.

We would really appreciate a review or simply re-submit a previous review, we have some long nights ahead!
What's New in Version 5.2.0
- iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus size support
- KICKR: Added product registration
- Strava: Add suport for rowing

+ 30 other bug fixes and enhancements.
What's New in Version 5.1.1
- Added manual adjustments to treadmill workout
- Improved Altitude readings for RFLKT+
- Improved total climb callcualtion for RFLKT+
- Fixed 'last & fastest mile/km' on workout screens
- Fixed 'current power zone' on RFLKT
- Fixed issue with GPS enabled for indoor workouts
- Fixed audio announcements for end of workout
- Fixed crash when starting workout from RFLKT

+ Other performance and bug fixes
What's New in Version 5.0.3
iOS 8 support
HealthKit - Automatically save your workouts including distance, calories and heart rate.
What's New in Version 4.3.1
Bug fixes
What's New in Version 4.3.0
New History detail view
New product support
Bug fixes
What's New in Version 4.2.5
Direct firmware update support
Various bug fixes.
What's New in Version 4.2.4
RFLKT Connection improvements
Bug/crash squashing.
What's New in Version 4.2.3
Bug Fixes
What's New in Version 4.2.2
Lock feature fix
What's New in Version 4.2.1
Now localized for Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, and Portuguese
What's New in Version 4.2.0
Localization is back for French and German!

Other cool updates...

- Added some useful troubleshooting info during sensor discovery.
- Added generic Calibration (Manual Zero) for all BTLE and ANT+ power sensors
- Added links to Product Instructions on the Wahoo and 3rd party websites
- Edit sensor name
- Added Calibration factor for footpods

- Added Map to view to indicate GPS status.
- Added checks for GPS and Background user settings
- New Pause in navigation bar, no more pause overlay
- Improved GPS accuracy

- Added ability to calculate BURN/BURST times for previous workouts.
- Added new graphs and bars to Smoothness page

- Added Workout sub-folder support to Dropbox export
- Fixed issues for MyFitnessPal users
- Fixed issues for some Garmin Connect users
What's New in Version 4.1.0
Introducing TICKR Run
TICKR Run measures your running Smoothness, an indication of running form which combines 3D body motion and impact shock.

- View your running smoothness and impact shock in real time. Review it after the workout to see how your form changes as you grow tired.
- Measure your running cadence.
- Measure running speed and distance on a treadmill.
- Smash your heart rate training goals with our Burn and Burst training programs.

Other fixes and improvements
- Fixed crash bugs in history, workouts, RFLKT configuration, audio announcements.
- Many improvements to sensor connections, ANT+ connections, ANT+ bridging, RFLKT connections.
- Fixed some problems with Voiceover accessibility mode.
- Fixed some issues with maps in the workout and history pages.
- New Cadence and Power Audio Announcements
- Fixed issues with upload to MapMyFitness and Nike+
- Improved ANT+ power meter compatibility
- The app has been training very hard and lost 10mb.

We have been working day and night to get version 4.0 into your hands and address any of the problems you guys have been informing us about. Thanks for your feedback.

If you have any issues, please get in touch with our support team so that we can fix it!

If you enjoy using this version of our app, we would love it if you could write a nice review. It helps us sleep at night :)
What's New in Version 4.0.1
Welcome to Wahoo Fitness 4.0!

All new iOS 7 UI with a heavy focus on making it even easier to get the best from your Wahoo Fitness products.

- Powerful new history views
- All new sensor management
- Amazing audio feedback
- Easier to understand settings
- Refreshed upload support

The best news - we have only just begun!

Wahoo Fitness aims to be the most powerful, open and user friendly fitness experence on the App Store.

v4.0.1 Updates

- Fixed crazys label issues on non-english devices
- Added new Power data options for RFLKT
- Fixed crash when importing from Garmin watches
- Fixed Dropbox linking
Note: The release notes shown here are grabbed from time to time from the iTunes servers, so maybe there's some missing versions.
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