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9GAG: Best LOL Pics & GIFs

More Info:
App Information:
Price: Free
Release Date: 2012-07-27
Category: Entertainment
Developer: © 9GAG
Version: 7.08.07
App Size: 68 MB
Languages: English, French
Seller: 9GAG Limited
Rated: 17+

Supported Devices:

Customer Ratings:
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---- The FUNNIEST APP ever! ----

9GAG is THE BEST APP for you to lol, kill time and make new friends all around the world. We are the leading platform for humor contents with millions of visitors.

▸ Keep yourself happy by discovering funny posts on 9GAG
▸ Make your friends laugh by sharing hilarious posts on 9GAG
▸ Have fun together with the funniest people all over the world

4 reasons that you'd need 9GAG:

1. Lol. Life is all about being happy right? 9GAG provides tons of joy that make you smile. You'll definitely fall in love with 9GAG.
2. Lol with your friends. You’ll be happier when sharing happiness with them.
3. Life is easy. Take a break. Check out 9GAG.
4. Actually there are only 3 reasons. Don't read them. They're boring. You'll find more fun by downloading 9GAG! :)

We value your feedback A LOT. Please report bugs or give suggestions to us. Let's make 9GAG a better community together!

----Too long, don't read. Just download the app and laugh.----

It's not important but we received these honors:
▸ Best Apps of 2014 Half Year (Entertainment) - Google, 2014
▸ Best 10 Apps to Kill Time - Techweek Euro, 2015

What do we provide:
▸ Feature the best collections of funny, awesome, wtf, omg, fail, lel, cute, geeky, cosplay, GIFs, nsfw, memes, LMAO, rage comics, Vine and viral videos.
▸ Entertain you when you get bored. 9GAG is the best way to kill time!
▸ Join discussions in the community and make friends from all over the world.
▸ Happiness is only real when shared! Share your humor to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, SnapChat, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat and Weibo.
▸ If you like watching prank videos on Youtube, Tumblr, iFunny, Digg, Reddit, Rage Comics or any other funny pics and videos, we guarantee you would fall in love with 9GAG!
Download it now! We are your best source of happiness and awesomeness.

Our users love us! (You will be one of them!):
▸ “OMG LMAO ” - Emma
▸ “Can't get enough of this app. I'm addicted to the cats and girls here.” - Tim
▸ “Best way to kill time. Kills boredom and makes me laugh. The comment sections are very entertaining and hilarious. Downloading pictures is easy. Pretty cool.” - Zeinab
▸ “I love ninegag! For those who like reddit, 4chan, imgur, thechive or LOL pics, 9GAG is the best app among them.” - Nico
▸ “Daily dose of happiness! Those meme, rage comics, fails made me laughed out so hard!” - Justin
▸ “Thanks for making my day! Used to browse cheezburger and 4chan until i found 9GAG. ” - Nigel
▸ “This app is great for your everyday humor needs.” - Banter
▸ “Got nothing to do? 9GAG's the best.” - Alvin
▸ “Looking for reddit alternative, imgur alternative, iFunny alternative? This is it.” - David
▸ “I used to browse imgur and iFunny… one day I found out 9GAG and never moved back!” - Mike
▸ “This app makes your day. It has become an integral part of my routine” - Aakash
▸ “It's a great app to post jokes and interesting posts! Better than theChive! Really enjoy this and LMAO everyday!” - Eric
▸ “Best place to come when you're tired, alone, not in the mood. Thanks for keeping me on the track” - Carmen


What's New in Version 7.08.07
Show History
- Ultra dim bed mode for PRO+
- Bug fixes
What's New in Version 7.07.00
- Bug fixes.
What's New in Version 7.06.54
- Fixed crashes.
- Fixed video playback issue.
What's New in Version 7.06.00
Bug fixes and performance improvements
What's New in Version 7.04.80
Added: Pull to refresh in comment
Bug Fixed

If you found any issue, please send us a bug report by opening Menu > Settings > Give Feedback > Report a problem
What's New in Version 7.01.04
• Section widget
• Updated profile layout
• Fixed cannot open post from facebook shared links
• Fixed duplicated posts
• Rewrite 9GAG app from scratch to make 9GAG faster, slicker and easier to use
• Always one swipe away from switching night mode
• Lower media size, similar media quality
• Video Full-Screen mode & scrub bar
What's New in Version 6.14.02
- Bug fixes
What's New in Version 6.12.00
Bug fixes
What's New in Version 6.11.00
• Reaction now supports 3D Touch to preview, save or share.
• Bug fixes and performance improvement for Reaction
What's New in Version 6.10.0
- Bug fixes
What's New in Version 6.08.02
- Bug fixes
What's New in Version 6.02.02
- Bug fixes
What's New in Version 6.00.03
- Bug fixes
What's New in Version 4.46.01
- Bug fixes
What's New in Version 4.43.04
- Bug fixes
What's New in Version 4.40.02
- Bug fixes
What's New in Version 4.35.00
- Crash fixes
What's New in Version 4.33.04
- Performance improvement
What's New in Version 4.31.01
- Bug fixes
What's New in Version 4.29.01
- Bug fixes
What's New in Version 4.27.05
- Bug fixes
What's New in Version 4.26.02
- Crash fix
What's New in Version 4.26.00
- Bug fixes
What's New in Version 4.25.00
- Butter applied to make scrolling smoother
- Loading optimisation
What's New in Version 4.22.00
▸ Minor bug fix
What's New in Version 4.20.06
Merry Christmas 9gagger,

In this update, we've updated the design for the explore tab, you can see the best post on the top, and get a sense of what's new in different sections.
We've also optimise image download speed and size, to make loading image faster and use less bandwidth.
Also, the app itself is smaller and consume less memory.

Last Christmas, I gave you _______ ← Your move.

A 9gagger
What's New in Version 4.19.01
▸ Fixed a bug of 9GAG Pro setting. Sorry for the problem caused!
What's New in Version 4.17.05
▸ A new way to comment
▸ Faster comment page
▸ Some bug fixes
▸ More love and laughter
What's New in Version 4.16.07
▸ fixed a crash when reloading data
What's New in Version 4.16.06
▸ fixed a bug that the app will crash on some devices
What's New in Version 4.15.05
・We fixed some bugs for you. We value your feedbacks and thank you :)
・We optimized 9GAG for iOS 9. No worries using 9GAG after upgrade.
What's New in Version 4.14.03
• bug fixes
What's New in Version 4.13.07
Good day 9gagger,
This updates contains bug fix and stability improvements, changes are mostly invisible, so I don't want to bore you with that. But rest assure things are in good hands now. And Jane, if you're reading this. Please don't lose faith.

Until next time.
What's New in Version 4.12.05
• bug fixes
What's New in Version 4.11.01
• Sorcery is involved to improve battery life when browsing 9gag
• Oiled up the gears for notifications so they appears
• A few drops of tears from our engineers to make post loads more reliably

And guess what?

• bug fixes

Send us suggestions and report problems from the more tab. (Attach screenshot if possible!)

What's New in Version 4.10.09
• bug fixes
What's New in Version 4.08.11
Good day 9gagger.

New stuff
· is now bundled within 9GAG, tap on the middle tab to see the coolest video!
· New overlay design that doesn’t cover the image.

Improvements & Fixes
· Modified storage structure to (hopefully) prevent crash on some freak app upgrade accident
· Invisible ninja will no longer mess with your scrolling (sneaky!)
· Fixed tons of other bugs

What's New in Version 4.05.11
· Multiple-picture posts supported
· New UI
· Bug fixes
What's New in Version 4.04.07
· Bug fixes
What's New in Version 4.02.00
· Bug fixes
What's New in Version 4.01.01
· Bug fixes
What's New in Version 4.01.00
· Bug fixes
What's New in Version 3.20.18
· Bug fixes :)
What's New in Version 3.20.14
· Bug fixes :)
What's New in Version 3.20.11
Good Day 9gagger

· We’re now serving pictures in extra crisp style
· Edit your 9GAG Profile
· More sharing options
· Busting bugs

What animals have 5 legs, breathe fire, screams when tickled, and eat frozen pop tarts for breakfast?
Answer in the next app update.
What's New in Version 3.19.12
• Enhanced comments
• Fixed some bugs with the GIF player
What's New in Version 3.19.11
• Bug fixes
What's New in Version 3.19.10
Good day 9gagger, this is a medium size update.

• For those who have the iPhone 6/6+, enjoy the the improved support
• The new post indicator decided to be less annoying
• Made something smaller
• Made something bigger
• Various bug fixes

- Love
What's New in Version 3.19.5
Good day 9gagger, this is a big one.

• Improved the sharing button
• Improved comment view
• Improved explore view
• Squashed tons of bugs
• Future-proofed the 9gag app
• A team of highly trained technician polishing each copy of the app by hand
• Secret Broccoli

As always, the best is yet to come. We can’t wait to show you what's next. Hang tight.

- Your comrade
What's New in Version 3.15.13
Good day 9gagger, I know your feel, so here’s the deal

• This update includes minor improvements.

Thank you, for your patience and support.
What's New in Version 3.15.12
There’s a storm coming, 9gagger.

You and your friends better update your app,
because when it hits, well,
Let’s just say.

Be prepared.

A fellow 9gagger
What's New in Version 3.15.11
Good day 9gagger, I know your feel, so here’s the deal

• Bug fix, nuff said
• Expand long post is back

Thank you, for your patience and support.
What's New in Version 3.13.23
• Some minor bug fixes
What's New in Version 3.13.22
• Refresh button is back!
• Fix some crashes
What's New in Version 3.13.21
Good Day fellow 9gagger, this update include many improvements and updates:

• Attach screenshots and provide more details when you send feedback
• You can now adjust individual notification settings
• Video player is a lot more reliable now
• Tons of bug fix and adjustments so the app will crash less and run smoother

Thank you for your patience and support.

Until next time.
What's New in Version 3.12.13
• Minor bug fixes
What's New in Version 3.12.12
• You can now see your recent activities in profile.
• Performance optimization
• Fixed a crash related to video loading
• Improve gesture recognition
• Rotation lock support
What's New in Version 3.10.6
• iOS7.1 optimizations
• Bug fixes
Note: The release notes shown here are grabbed from time to time from the iTunes servers, so maybe there's some missing versions.
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