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This app seems to be no longer available.
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App Information:
Price: Free
Release Date: 2012-02-14
Category: Social Networking
Developer: © Gliph, Inc.
Version: 2.04
App Size: 13 MB
Language: English
Seller: Gliph, Inc.
Rated: 12+

Supported Devices:

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Gliph is a FREE secure messenger and online marketplace for iPhone, Desktop Web and other smartphones.


* GLIPH MARKETPLACE: Buy and sell cool stuff using cash or Bitcoin. Create and edit listings from your phone or Desktop.

* GLIPH MESSAGING: Stay in touch with cool people who matter to you in personal or group conversations!

* REAL DELETE: When you delete a message it is deleted from both sides of the conversation and the server. Real Delete = Real Privacy other services can’t offer.

* DESKTOP COMPUTERS: Chat with convenience from your iPhone or your Desktop computer using:

* GROUP MESSAGING: Flexible Secure Group Messaging lets you show a pseudonym to a gaming group and your real name to your co-workers.

* BITCOIN ENABLED: Bitcoin has never been easier to use than this. Just connect your Coinbase or wallet and you're ready to go.

* QUALITY CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Read the reviews! People love our Support Gliph because you access it in the app and a real person actually replies and helps you!

* NO HIDDEN COSTS: Download the app and chat securely for free. No limits because Gliph uses 3G / 4G LTE / and Wi-Fi when available.

* SECURITY AND PRIVACY: Gliph has an industry-leading privacy policy and carefully crafted privacy controls that no other messaging app has.

HELP AND FEEDBACK: Read the reviews! We rapidly respond to Feedback! Here’s how to get action!
- Send a Gliph message to the Support Gliph
- Email at
- Tweet at Gliph on Twitter: @gli_ph.
- Review the app! We <3 reviews!

Gliph on iPhone works with just about all carriers and networks. Ask the Support Gliph if you’re having any trouble connecting!

What's New in Version 2.04
Show History
- Facebook Account may be connected during signup and when editing your profile
- Verified user accounts (see their Profile)
- Reputation (see a user's profile)
- Profile improvements and bug fixes
What's New in Version 2.02
Fixes Gliph to work on iOS 7
Adds Search Marketplace by Category
What's New in Version 2.01
- Keep items your selling out of the way of your conversations (hide and show listing rows in Activity View)
- Handoff tasks from Gliph iPhone app to Desktop Web on Mac OS X Mavericks. Works in Gliph Marketplace (start a listing on your phone with photos, continue at computer and Gliph conversations.
- Prevents you from selling an item in Marketplace if you have not set a new username.
What's New in Version 2.0
Introducing Gliph Marketplace
* Browse cool listings and buy stuff using Bitcoin.
* Chat directly with potential buyers, close deals and make some money.
* Create listing drafts on your phone continue editing on your computer.
* Keep conversations going with the coolest buyers or sellers.

Debuting an improved interface
* New "blue lagoon" color scheme.
* Buttons and menu are more descriptive and easier to use.
* Adding new connections and creating groups easier.

Moving a few things for clarity
* Cloaked Email and GliphMe are now Settings:Privacy Tools section.

This is a major update to Gliph! Please give feedback to Support, and consider selling something cool in Gliph Marketplace.
What's New in Version 1.96
We updated how we handle Push Notifications. 2.0, featuring Gliph Marketplace is coming soon. Hold on to your hats.
What's New in Version 1.95
Hey Gliph Fans,

This update is focused on fixing some lingering user experience issues. The team uses Gliph all the time we're aware of standing annoyance. We are committed to slaying these small dragons one by one.

Thanks for your patience as we have focused on the most critical aspects of improving Gliph over the past few releases.

As a note, after this release, we'll be holding off on minor updates until we can get our next big release (which is going to be awesome) out the door. Here are the updates in this version, 1.95 for iOS:

Activity View
- Activity View should now work better in limited connectivity
- Pull to refresh should feel smoother and the spinner should work more reliably.

Conversation View
- Messages now do not always have full width. So it looks nicer.

- The Logout button has moved from the Menu to the bottom of Settings View
- You can now Block and Unblock Users
Option to Block or UnBlock is found in the Profile View of another user. (Not Connection Settings) If you Block a user it will Permanently Delete the entire conversation. This user will no longer be able to send you messages, and you will not be able to send them messages.
What's New in Version 1.94
- Claim your New Gliph Username
We are transitioning away from our Legacy (symbol-based) username system to a new alphanumeric username system. Pick your username in the Profile view. First come, first served. Get yours before it is taken!

- Show Timestamp of Any Gliph message
In any conversation, drag from the left to the right side and reveal the timestamp of any message.

- Search for new Gliph Usernames
When you search for users in Gliph, you now search for new Gliph usernames by default. Legacy symbol-based search is still supported.

- Login with new Gliph Username
Seeing a pattern? These new usernames are important. Sign in and set yours! You can still also log in by your email address or Legacy username.

- Invitation links now take you to the app
No more signing into the mobile web app to accept an invitation. If someone has the Gliph app installed and clicks on an Gliph invitation link, they will now be directed to the correct view in the app. Group invitation links work too!
What's New in Version 1.93
- Attached images now show inline with your message draft as thumbnails. This makes it easier to see what you're attaching before you hit send.
- Keyboard stays up during your conversation until dismissed.
- Other minor fixes.
What's New in Version 1.92
We added new features and made some improvements. In this version, you can now:

-Take a group conversation to a private chat. Just tap the profile pic of the person you want to talk to and tap "Send Message".

-Keep groups private. A group administrator can make a group "closed" and keep other members from adding people to the conversation.

-Verify Bitcoin transactions. When you send Bitcoin in a conversation, tap the transaction to see more details in your wallet.

We also fixed some bugs for wallets, invitations, and a few other features.
What's New in Version 1.91
With this new version of Gliph, you can:

- Create Groups from your contacts
- Add members (Admin or open group)
- Delete members (Admin only)
- Leave a Group
- End Group (Admin only)
- Clear Message History (Admin only)

We also fixed some bugs. :)
What's New in Version 1.90
Hey Gliph fans! Holy smoke, this is a major update to Gliph!

New Features:
- Secure Group Messaging! YA BUDDY!
- Bitcoin Sending is BACK! Now with new QR code scanner so you can pay from your Coinbase or Blockchain wallet outside the Gliph network!
- Profile Photos
- Updated look and feel

Some important notes:
- We had to remove delay and expiration of messages for this release but plan to bring them back. You can still set these options using the web.
- Add members to your groups didn’t make it into this release, but again, you can still add members using the web.
- This is a massive update to the internals of the app! We’ll be improving stability and making tweaks over the next few releases.

Get the full description of these updates in the company blog:

Thanks for all the support, much more to come!
What's New in Version 1.88
Hey Gliph fans! We have something cool for you in Gliph for iOS 1.88

New Feature: GliphMe
GliphMe is a powerful little link for connecting privately with friends and strangers. When someone clicks a GliphMe contact link they are presented a chat box that lets them communicate with you. You get push notifications of the new message on your iOS device and can reply directly from the app. Learn more at

Miscellaneous Updates

- Multi-Invite: You can now invite multiple friends to Gliph using SMS and Email during signup or in the Connect View (Use the + button in the Activity View)
- Connect View Improved: We've cleaned up the view you use to add friends on Gliph.
- iOS 7 Swipe Back: You can now swipe back from a conversation to the Activity View, as per iOS 7 likes it.
- We've fully removed BIPS from the Gliph app for iOS. See company blog for more info.
- Add Facets during Signup, you can now add a few profile facets during signup.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed Crasher when enabling LockDown Privacy Protection
- Fixed emoji being cut off when shown as last message in Activity View
- Fixed tap target area of Message Options button

Thanks for all the support, much more to come!
Note: The release notes shown here are grabbed from time to time from the iTunes servers, so maybe there's some missing versions.
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