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Price: Free
Release Date: 2009-09-16
Category: Navigation
Version: 20.1.0
App Size: 23 MB
Languages: English, Spanish
Rated: 4+

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Real-time transit information for the Puget Sound region and beyond.

Never miss the bus again!

OneBusAway serves up fresh, real-time transit information in the following regions:

* Rogue Valley, OR
* San Diego, CA
* Seattle/Tacoma/Puget Sound, WA
* Spokane, WA
* Tampa, FL
* Washington, D.C.
* York, Canada

Features include:

* Real-time arrival information for public transit where available.
* Receive departure alerts for selected vehicles.
* View your favorite bookmarks from the new Today View widget, which gives you fast and easy access to the routes you use most.
* Map display of stops and routes.
* Nearby stops search for location-aware devices.
* Bookmarks and recent stop history.
* Search for stops by route, address, and stop number.

For more information about OneBusAway, including feedback and support for this application, visit us on the web at

What's New in Version 20.1.0
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This release fixes an issue that prevented important alerts from appearing on your map. This might be useful if, say, a snowstorm was impacting your area this week.

Additionally, this release includes:

* Improvements to dark mode on iOS 13 (thank you Alan and Zhiyu!)
* Improvements to the Today View widget (thank you Alan!)
* Bug fixes to the search feature (thank you Alan!)
* There are also some behind-the-scenes improvements that help make the development of OneBusAway run more smoothly (thanks again to Zhiyu!)

What's New in Version 19.1.0
Hi Folks - we have an exciting new release for you, with the biggest change being the addition of Dark Mode on iOS 13! (thank you Alan for spearheading this feature!)

Bug Fixes:

* Allow the screen to turn off automatically on the stop and trip details pages after 10 minutes.
* Make the filter and add bookmark buttons on Stops work with VoiceOver
* Don't show repeated errors on a stop view controller
* Shows a custom error message when a stop loaded from bookmarks stops working
* Show weather forecasts in Fahrenheit or Celsius, depending on your settings

What's New in Version 18.3.0
Hey - We've got some great new bug fixes for you!

General UI Improvements:

* Stop persisting the Info tab as a place to which you can reopen the app. You really don't need to come here on a regular basis, so why show it to you if you're just coming back into the app? It makes no sense.
* Show more Recent Stops Quick Actions - The Today widget now appears when you force touch the app's icon, which means that including an option to view your bookmarks seems redundant.
* Keep loading stop departures until we find one - We'll keep loading depatures on your stop until we find one, which means less tapping and more transit riding.
* Prevent your phone from going to sleep when you have the Stop Controller visible - Your screen will no longer dim or turn off when you're looking at a stop.
* View service alerts directly on the stop, instead of having to tap through to see them.

VoiceOver Improvements:

* Improves the accessibility label for the current temperature on the map
* Make it possible to open stops on the map when VoiceOver is running
* Adds a special 'nearby stops' button to the map when in voiceover mode

What's New in Version 18.1.1
# Improvements in this bug fix release

We've made a few improvements in the last week since 18.1.0 was released:

* Updated the Chinese localization. (thank you Cathy!)
* Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash when you accessed a recent stop via force touch.
* Allows you to specify 1 minute alarm increments when the bus is 10 minutes or less away.

# Today View extension for fast access to your favorite bookmarks

Add bookmarks to the new Today View bookmark group in order to access them from the Today View (or Lock Screen) widget, allowing you fast and easy access to the routes you use most. No need to unlock your phone in order to find out when the next bus will arrive!

# Map Tab

Some usability improvements have been made to the Map tab. Key among the improvements are new icons and a clearer way to switch between hybrid and standard map styles.

# Bookmarks Tab

An improved UI for upcoming departures should reduce the amount of text wrapping. Plus general layout improvements, and you can manage your Today View bookmarks from this screen of the app.

# Stops Page

* Improved loading UI on Stop pages
* After tapping 'Load More Departures,' a time range will appear.
* Scheduled arrival times (where we don't have real-time data and are relying on the published schedule) are now colored dark gray.

# Arrivals and Departures

* Makes route overlay on map semi-transparent
* Improve the 'continued trip' experience by ripping out an extraneous interstitial page
* Removes unnecessary extra text the page title

# General Bugs, Crashes, and Improvements

* Hopefully fixes all of the timeout issues that have been reported - I know that there were some really irritating issues with the app reporting timeout errors. I spent my winter holiday replumbing the networking layer of the app to hopefully fix all of these once and for all. I'm a lot happier with the code, and I think you'll be a lot happier with the overall experience.
* Fixes the top 10 crashing bugs reported by users - I love fixing crashing bugs! I've spent a ton of time poring over crash reports in order to understand how and where these bugs were coming from, and I've eliminated the vast majority.
* Improves experience of connecting to 'captive portal' WiFi networks - Have you ever been in a bus tunnel connected to the WiFi network, and been unable to browse the web, read Facebook, or get departure times from OneBusAway? It's because you're connected to a 'captive portal,' where you need to agree to terms of service before you can load any data. OBA can now detect this problem and present you with more information about how to resolve the problem.
* Fixes bugs around alarm deletion - There were a couple bugs that would, on occasion, prevent you from deleting alarms. These should now be fixed.

Also, a huge thank you to Edgar for your help on translating OneBusAway into Spanish, and thank you to Jeff for your help on bug fixes in the Today View widget.

As always,

p.s. This app is built and maintained by volunteers. Please help out by reporting bugs, helping to localize the app, or fixing bugs and adding new features. Regardless of your amount of experience or area of expertise, we can always use your help, so please find us on GitHub!
What's New in Version 17.9.1
Hey all - Thanks for all of the feedback we've received over the past couple weeks. I've been busy fixing bugs, and am excited to finally get these changes into your hands. Here's what's new:

* Fixes an issue with VoiceOver where bookmarks' departure times weren't being read. Also, these times are now being read with the proper format of "X minutes" as opposed to the "X meters" craziness you would have heard before.
* Fixes bug that prevented some users from creating alarms.
* iPhone X compatibility for those of you who are lucky enough to get one next month.
* Improved visual appearance for error messages.
* Improved handling of feedback feature for folks who don't like using
* Updated Spanish translation (thank you, Edgar!)
* Fixes a rare crash on iPad.

What's New in Version 17.9.0
Hi everyone - welcome to iOS 11 and OBA 17.9.0! I'm looking to get back to a more regular cadence of app releases, and we're going to start it off right with this month's small set of changes.

1. Fixes a bug that made it really hard for VoiceOver users to use the Bookmarks tab of the app.
2. Adds an option to disable the compass heading indicator on the map. If you find this feature annoying or incorrect, you can now turn it off from Settings under the Info tab.
3. Adds walking directions to the '...' button on Stop pages. The feature is smart enough to prompt you to view walking directions in either Apple Maps or Google Maps, depending on what you have installed and what you prefer.
4. Fixes the walk distance/time indicator when you're at the bus stop. (thank you Gal for your contribution!)
5. Adds trip status, alarms, and bookmarking to arrival/departure details
6. Fixes a handful of app issues on iOS 11.

Happy autumn, and may all of your commutes be easy.

What's New in Version 17.4.3
Third time's the charm, I hope. Sorry about the continued region issues, but hopefully this release will sort those problems out. Plus, you'll find a number of delightful UI niceties in this release. Here are the highlights:

* Vehicles on the trip status map only 'pulse' when they have real-time data associated with them. Hopefully this'll make it a bit more clear when we're just showing data from the schedule.

A huge thank you to new contributor Cathy who fixed a ton of bugs for this release! Here's what Cathy did:

* Disables the 'Set Alarm' option when the bus has already departed.
* Improve the visual consistency of the regional alerts UI.
* Fix cases where your location on the map would end up on top of a stop's callout.
* Make the map style shown on the map match the Stop page header.

And, again, a huge "thank you" to Edgar for his continued effort in localizing OBA into Spanish. Find us on GitHub if you'd like to pitch in, too!

What's New in Version 17.1.2
Bug fixes and, I'm sure you hate those kinds of release notes as much as I do.

Here's what really changed in this release:

* Ensure that disabled regions never show up in the app.
* Fix that terrible bug that caused the app to unexpectedly switch you to the Tampa region. Notably, this is also the issue that caused your bookmarks to sometimes disappear. Sorry about that.

What's New in Version 17.1.1
It's only been a couple days since the last release, but we have some exciting changes to share with you. Little Green Men, iPad, prompts, Bitcode, and analytics: It's been a busy week!

Zeroth, since I failed to mention this in my last release notes, you may notice a new green bar with a little dude on stop pages. This bar shows you vehicles that you can catch by walking. Vehicles above the line probably cannot be caught, and vehicles below should depart long enough from now that you can walk to them.

First up, OneBusAway now works on the iPad! Hooray! I was skeptical of the value of doing this work at first, but with the addition of split screen mode on the iPad in iOS 9, I think this becomes far more useful. Plus, all of the work we've done to improve how the app's UI is laid out over the past year made this a trivial task.

Second, you can now disable those prompts that ask you to review the app. Check out the settings page under the Info tab. Thanks for doing this work, Alan.

Third, speaking of settings, when you opt out of Google Analytics, that setting now takes effect immediately as opposed to the next time you start the app.

Fourth, we've added support for Apple's Bitcode feature, which should allow Apple to further optimize the version of the app that is delivered to your device, and hopefully even shrink it down a bit more. Thanks for your help on this, Seth!

Lastly, OneBusAway for iOS is an all-volunteer effort. If you'd like to pitch in, please come find us on GitHub. We can always use help, especially from developers and designers. All skill levels welcome!

What's New in Version 2.6.4
Sometimes you're a little too excited to push out a bug fix, and you end up introducing a new bug in the process. That's what happened with 2.6.3. Sorry about that :-(

Mea culpa,
What's New in Version 2.6.1
"Bug fixes and performance improvements."

OK, OK, that's lame. Here's what I actually fixed in this release:

* Fix the source of the vast majority of crashing bugs in 2.6.0.
* Fix the bug where the map doesn't display stops.
* Ensure that the app respects your choice if you have disabled automatic region selection.
* Show your location on the trip schedule map controller.
* Improve the experience of the Arrivals and Departures page.

What's New in Version 2.5.2
This is a small bug fix release with two changes:

* Fix a crashing bug on the so-called arrivals and departures screen. Thanks to Sam for the incredibly detailed bug report and top-notch repro steps!
* OK, OK. I put the pull to refresh control back on the stop view, *and* kept the button.

If you'd like to become a beta tester for OneBusAway, please shoot us an email at with the email address associated with your Apple ID.

If you'd like to pitch in and help to build OneBusAway, you can check out the source code at

What's New in Version 2.5.1
This is a small release that includes a handful of fixes for vexatious bugs, and a couple small new features.

* You can now figure out which direction you're pointing in on the map by tapping the arrow button twice. This should make it easier to figure out where you are relative to a stop that you haven't visited before.
* Fix issue where route numbers would sometimes disappear, especially on smaller phones (thanks, Auto Layout).
* Replace the Stop UI's pull to refresh control with a normal button, as one user very reasonably pointed out this was bad for his thumb.

There's also a decent amount of replumbing work that hopefully should be totally transparent to you.

If you'd like to become a beta tester for OneBusAway, please shoot us an email at with the email address associated with your Apple ID.

If you'd like to pitch in and help to build OneBusAway, you can check out the source code at

What's New in Version 2.5.0
We've been hard at work over the past three months making OneBusAway faster and easier to use. Here's a list of the highlights:

* iPhone 6s/6s Plus users can now take advantage of 3D Touch Quick Actions from the home screen of their phone to access recent stops and bookmarks. (thanks jgriffin)


* See more stops and see them at a higher, more zoomed-out level. (thanks, Cagry)
* Get easier access to your bookmarks, as they will now appear on the map at any zoom level. (Aaron)


* Display the current region name in the search bar (thanks, Yogi)
* See an estimate of your current walking time and distance to the bus stop, and tap it to get walking directions to the stop. (Aaron)
* The stop UI was rebuilt from the ground up to be more performant and bug-free. (Aaron)


* Only see the bookmarks that are for your current region

Plus a ton of behind-the-scenes work.



* Aaron Brethorst
* Cagri Cetin
* jgriffin
* Yogi Patel
What's New in Version 2.4.2
Happy New Year! As we usher out the old year, and in the new one, I want to take this opportunity to share with you a handful of long-standing bugs that we have finally—ahem—ushered out.

* Improved accessibility with real support for high contrast, reduced transparency, and font sizing with dynamic type.
* Party like it's 2012 - You can finally pull to refresh when you're looking at a bus stop. Yes really.
* Explain what scheduled arrival actually means. Sorry it's taken this long.
* Better custom API handling - If you're working with a custom API, the user interface for entering it is much improved, and there's even validation, now. Woot.
* Better Info screen - Hopefully, you never have to look at this kitchen sink of a user interface, but, if you do, it's nicer.
* Fixed some bugs with reporting problems.

Thanks to Ben for reporting a number of these issues.

Contributor/Release Note Writer: Aaron Brethorst

OneBusAway is an open source project, which means you can help out too! Find us on the web at
What's New in Version 2.4.1
This is a small bug fix release. Specifically it:

* Fixes one situation where you might have run into a useless error message that said "Error Connecting."
* Restores the ability to contact us via Facebook or Twitter (if they're installed) — Thanks, Ben, for reporting, and Tom for fixing.

Contributors: Aaron Brethorst and Tom Lai

You can help too: OneBusAway is open source software. Pitch in at
What's New in Version 2.3.2
* Adds a link to provide feedback in a University of Washington research study being conducted in Puget Sound. To participate in the study, tap on the information button ("i") next to the name of a stop in the Seattle area. A link to the survey will be available for King County Metro stops.
What's New in Version 2.3.1
* Fixes bug with "out of region" alert constantly appearing
What's New in Version 2.3
* Optimization for iPhone 6/6+ screen resolutions
* Updates for iOS 8
* User interface enhancements
* Bug fixes
What's New in Version 2.2.1
* Added new setting for high color contrast and reduced transparency in Info>Settings
* Improved problem submission process and contact us by email feature
* Changed minimum iOS version to 6.0
* Bug fixes and memory enhancements
What's New in Version 2.2
* Added support for finding and contributing information about bus stops in Stop Details page for Puget Sound (see for more details)
* New option to show experimental servers (such as Washington D.C.)
* Can now create groups of bookmarks
* Fixed address search
* Fixed "Out of Service Area" message appearing for certain covered areas
* Accessibility improvements for VoiceOver
* Improved anonymous usage data collection
* Attached subject and footer with relevant device and version info to e-mail under "Contact Us"
* UI consistency improvement
Note: The release notes shown here are grabbed from time to time from the iTunes servers, so maybe there's some missing versions.
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