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Price: Free
Release Date: 2010-03-24
Category: News
Developer: © Digg
Version: 7.0.0
App Size: 10 MB
Language: English
Seller: Digg Inc.
Rated: 17+

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Digg delivers the most interesting and talked about stories on the Internet right now.

Powered by social signals and discerning taste, our editors turn the Internet's vast and cacophonous flood of articles, blog posts, and videos into an elegant and engrossing mix known as Digg.

◆ A continuously-updated feed of stories from around the web, hand-picked by our staff of editors and writers
◆ Video: today’s most interesting viral videos, animations and short films
◆ Search and Discover: thousands of stories curated and categorized into topics like Technology, Long Reads, Space, Funny, and more

Don't believe us? Listen to what some smart people are saying:

“Digg captures a snapshot of all of the Web’s hottest streams. Then it presents a smart, gorgeous, editorially coherent digest of what’s popular online.” - Slate

“And now, with no warning, it's back—and it's beautiful.” - Gizmodo

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Talk to us on Twitter: @DiggSupport

Team Digg

What's New in Version 7.0.0
Show History
Stability Improvements
Bug Fixes
Removes Digg Reader
What's New in Version 6.3.0
We've been working hard at making Digg better and better. Here's what we've been up to:

- The app should now remember if you were reading an article and return to it.

- Scroll away the tab bar and the navigation bar for a more immersive experience.

- The app should be more up to date more often.

- Improvements for Digg Dialog

- Additional 3D Touch support

- A bunch of speed and reliability enhancements.

If you like Digg, please consider leaving us a review in the App Store. It's much appreciated.

If you are encountering issues with Digg, or simply have a feature you'd like to see added, please email or use the feedback within the app.

Team Digg
What's New in Version 6.2.1
- Stability improvements.
- Speed improvements.
- Fixed an issue causing the app to lock up.
- Fixed an issue causing Digg Reader feeds not to refresh.
What's New in Version 6.2.0
We've been working hard at making Digg better and better. Here's what we've been up to:

- Digg Reader now properly shows when you've dugg or saved a story to read later.

- Swipe a Digg Reader story left or right to access quick actions.

- Better iPad Digg Reader layout.

- Support for 3D Touch in Digg Reader.

- Also, the app should be faster and more stable.

Team Digg
What's New in Version 6.1.1
- Bug Fixes & Improvements
What's New in Version 6.1.0
- Night mode is back! Switch between light and dark themes with a two-finger swipe at any time.
- Fixed the “empty screen” bug
- Lots of other bug fixes
- Improvements to Digg Dialog experience
- Faster & more memory efficient
What's New in Version 6.0.0
Thanks for using Digg! With this version we’ve completely redesigned our app for iOS9 and given it a top-to-bottom rewrite to make it faster and more stable.

◆ Completely redesigned for iOS9
◆ NEW: Digg Dialog, a live conversation with authors about their top stories. Each week, we’ll invite authors to participate in a live discussion with Digg users about the most interesting stories on the Internet
◆ Redesigned Search and Discover: thousands of stories curated and categorized into topics
◆ Improved Digg Reader interface
◆ Support for 3D Touch so you can access the main parts of the app from the home screen
◆ Support for Spotlight Search
◆ Better memory usage and app stability
What's New in Version 5.7.0
Bug fixes & Improvements
Support for Apple Watch
What's New in Version 5.6.2
Bug fixes
What's New in Version 5.6.0
- new & improved Digg Deeper design
- added support for saving to Pinboard and Delicious
- bug fixes and improvements
What's New in Version 5.5.2
Today Extension Fixes
1Password Integration
Scrolling Improvements
Bug Fixes & Enhancements
What's New in Version 5.5.1
iPhone 6 and 6+ support
Bug fixes
What's New in Version 5.5.0
• iOS 8 ready!
• New Digg Widget (iOS 8) — See your top stories without opening the app
• Improved Notifications (iOS 8) — Digg or Save a story right from a notification
• Bug fixes
• Speed improvements
What's New in Version 5.4.1
- Introducing Digg Deeper! See the stories and videos your friends, favorite writers and best-loved publications are talking about. The Digg iOS app gives you your friends’ recommended stories as a stream you can scroll, as as-they-happen notifications, or as a real time alert or daily digest email.
- Bug fixes and improvements
What's New in Version 5.3.6
Now get alerted to the most interesting things your friends are sharing via Twitter.
What's New in Version 5.3.5
Performance enhancements and other lovely updates.
Note: The release notes shown here are grabbed from time to time from the iTunes servers, so maybe there's some missing versions.
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