Glasklart HD icon database

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Total # of themed apps: 9853


This website shows my collection of icons for the iPhone 4 and above made for the great Glasklart HD Theme, originally invented by Max Rudberg. You can use this theme with Anemone. To use Anemone, you have to Jailbrak your device and add the repo to Cydia. If you don't know how to jailbreak you device - this blog is a good starting point, the latest Jailbreak for iOS 8.1.3 to 8.4 is TaiG.
Some of the icons are made by Max, some of them are collected from the MacThemes forum (witch sadly does not exist anymore), some of the icons are self-made, some of them are collected from github and some of them are overworked versions from the original theme files to keep good quality.
Glasklart was ever and will be ever a completely free theme. We don't have or will ever making money with it in any form.
The original app icon artwork will also show up here if we have it - this is only for better orientation and for comparing the Glasklart icon with the original icon. Please do not download the original images or link to them. Please respect the work of the original authors as we do. Believe it or not - every single "Glasklart Icon" here is handcrafted and it's own piece of art. Sure, some of them are looking nearly as the original icons, but that's the sense of a theme, otherwise the users of Glasklart wouldn't recognise the themed app. And for all the fine developers out there: In the end, we are just helping YOU promotiong your app for free.
Feel free to download this icons for personal use. You can also download zip-Archives with all the icons.
A big THANK YOU!!! to Max, Jeff, Ivanov and all the other fine artists who make this theme so unique and great!!!
Note: This website is and will always be a work in progress. If you find any erros on the website itself or the icons (e.g. false bundle identifier), feel free to drop me a letter. You can also send me your icons, but don't forget the App name, the bundle identifier, and (if it's not a Cydia app) the iTunes ID!.


Request and post icons for iPhone4+ @github!

Cheers! - last update dreamnet @ 2013-02-22.